Review: Eternal Rot – Cadaverine

No technical guitar solos, proggy keyboard-melodies or funky bass-loops, this is dirty, filthy doom/death as it used to be. What I am talking about? About the debut full-length of Eternal Rot of course! This band, consisting of vocalist Grindak and Mayer who takes care of vocals as well as all instruments, already released a demo (Promo Tape 2013, 2013) and an EP (Grave Grooves, 2014) since their formation in 2012. This debut full-length, titled Cadaverine, was released on September 17th via Godz Ov War Productions.

Eternal Rot starts this 29 minute during album with Undying Desolation, which starts with a very tension-building intro. A few moments later the extremely low guitars join and the drums keeps getting more and more intense. A while later the very low and extremely intense vocals also join and the intro flows into the slow death/doom Eternal Rot plays. Sometimes there also is a bit less lower, but definitely not less extreme, shout to be heard, besides the extreme, intense roars.

Eternal Rot’s death/doom also sounds very creepy, like entering Nightmare World. The cover of Cadaverine fits perfectly with this and the world Eternal Rot creates with their music.

This is music that crushes you completely, it goes through marrow and bone. It is quite repetitive, but in some sort of hypnotizing way, which makes it far from annoying. The two tracks in the middle, In Their Decaying Eyes and Putrid Hallucination, show a bit more variation compared to Undying Desolation and Slough of Despond, but still show this hypnotizing and repetitive music.

Most of the time, tracks with a lot of variation are more likely to be my favorites. However, in this case Undying Desolation and Slough of Despond are my personal favorites of Cadaverine. This is because of the hypnotizing and repetitive music sounding very nice and fitting perfectly to the style Eternal Rot is playing. Anyway, In Their Decaying Eyes and Putrid Hallucination are also very nice for sure.

Production-wise Cadaverine is pretty gritty, but this for sure fits perfectly and it even gives a very nice layer to this album.

With Cadaverine, Eternal Rot delivers a very nice album full of dirty, filthy doom/death as it used to be. So, in case this is your favorite style, be sure to keep track of Eternal Rot!

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