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Back in January 2017 DutchMetalManiac’s Tim van Velthuysen interviewed the Swedish metallers of Acidiun. You can read that interview here. Now they have released their debut album, which was reason for another interview.

Hey guys, we already spoke with each other in January 2017. Back then it was a warm winter in Sweden with minus 17 degrees Celsius. How was your Swedish summer?

It was beautiful, the weather was amazing and we really enjoyed ourselves. Unfortunately some of our booked festival gigs were cancelled but we came back strong with a really great gig in Uppsala at Kulturnatten.

At that time you already released Urges, the first single off your debut album, which is now released. How does it feel to finally have your debut album released?

The feeling is amazing and to finally have released our debut album is something we have been looking forward to for a very long time. It has really been worth the wait and our only wish is that our fans enjoy it aswell.

I really like, The Coalescence, as the album is called. Why did you choose this album title?

It symbolizes the lyrical component of the songs. A coalescence of three entities merging in to one. These entities are represented as the protagonist and his inner voices.

The release date for The Coalescence was September 26th. However, you couldn’t wait and already released it digitally on September 17th. How are the reactions you got so far?

Positive, we really feel like people have enjoyed our new direction and the sound production.

Will there also be a physical version of The Coalescence?

We are thinking of making physical versions of the album but as of now we are struggling to afford to support physical record release.

Back in 2017 you already said that it was going to be a concept album. Of course, you didn’t want to spoil the story at that moment. So, can you tell something about the story now?

The story is about a murderer battling with inner voices that speak to him and try to control him. One of them is the conscience that still values empathy and thinks of the consequences and the other is the lust for evil deeds and murder. Eventually one side wins and take control, hence ‘the coalescence’. In the album you have the main protagonist portrayed by our vocalist Oliwer and the two mental entities by the guitarists and background screamers Axel and Erik.

You also said that Urges is a song that narrates a very important part of the story. Is it the most important part or is another one more important? Why is it the most important part?

Urges is where the protagonist realizes that he’s become like a demon and somewhat starts to embrace his insanity after some time of grave anxiety after murdering. When he welcomes you to his orchestra of pain, you get to know that he’s decided that more murder is to come. Title track The Coalescence is where the plot thickens and the entities within him has a final battle of control over the protagonist. The fight leads to the conscience of the protagonist being erased only to increase his lust for killing.

You wrote the story yourselves. How did this process go?

We started writing a storyboard and how many songs it requested to get everything said. The story itself was a combination between an earlier discussion of making it about different murders, and than it just got more detailed as we decided to make it into a linear story with a beginning and an end. A hidden secret of this record is that Boiling Inside from our Ep 9 Circles actually is the first start of the protagonists story and we decided to continue his story for an entire album.

If you have to choose, what is your favorite track on the album?

We all have different preferences but we would say that Enemy and Insight would be our favorites.

How did the recording process of The Coalescence go?

Since we all couldn’t make it to the studio at the same time every session we had to go into the studio separately or two or three at the time.

At first Lukas went to the studio with Erik to record some guitar to be used for the recording of drums. Erik recorded the guitar parts needed for Lukas to complete the recording. After that Lukas recorded drums for 4 days. After we had completed the drum recording Axel and Erik put down all the guitar parts in two days. Next session was vocals for Oli and he actually recorded all the vocals except for Enemy in one day. The day after that Carl went in to record the bass guitar and Oli finished up some vocal dubs and recorded vocals for Enemy.

The recording process itself was hard work, we put every effort we could into all the details while recording this album in order to achieve the production quality we were after. Johannes Karlsson was a complete beast to work with. He made us focus and inspired us to pick out the best playing possible as well as having an amazing work ethic.

Recently, you played at Kulturnatten in your hometown, Uppsala. How was playing in your hometown?

Before Kulturnatten it was quite a long time ago since we played in Uppsala. The response was mind-blowing and the energy you get on stage when you have such a big crowd in front of you is quite overwhelming. Uppsala will forever be dear to us and we to them hopefully.

On September 28th you will be doing a release show, looking forward to it?

We are answering these questions after having played the show and to summarize it in one word; mental. That show was fucking mental.  The crowd went crazy, we went crazy and it was just a great night. We played our longest set to date and just wow. Amazing.

Anything special planned for that show?

Nothing special really but we played The Coalescence front to back and just a long set of straight forward metal and us giving it our all like we always do. Even though we didn’t plan anything special the gig meant alot to us both as a band and individuals. It was both our release party for The Coalescence and a celebration of Acidiun spending 10 years as band together. Imagine 5 idiots in different constellations playing together a decade. It has been hell of a ride and it’s not over yet.

Besides the release show, can we expect some more Acidiun gigs soon? Maybe in The Netherlands?

You can expect more from us in the near future, gigs, new material, t-shirts, music videos and maybe even some dates outside of Sweden. We will have to see what the future has in store for us. Coming to The Netherlands to play would be a dream come true and that is a dream we strive to fullfill in the nearest possible future.

Thanks for your answers! Is there anything you want to say to our readers?

Thanks for being involved in this, keep your eyes peeled because we will be releasing more surprises over time. We hope you will enjoy more of our music in the future and hopefully one day we’ll see each other in your town.

If you’ve never heard us before please check us out, we reckon you’ll be pleasantly surprised. We’re on all platforms!

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