Review: Dalkhu – Lamentation and Ardent Fire

Fifteen years ago the Slovenian black metal band Dalkhu was formed. The only constant member of Dalkhu during this time is guitarist (and, since 2014, bass player) J.G.. Drummer Kalki already was a member of Dalkhu in 2003 and after leaving in 2014, he is back as member of Dalkhu since 2016. Besides J.G. and Kalki there is one other Dalkhu-member, vocalist Lucerus, who joined in 2017. After Dalkhu’s formation in 2003 they released a demo in 2006, called Ars Goetia. After that, they released two full-length albums, Imperator in 2010 and Descend… into Nothingness in 2015. On September the 17th a third Dalkhu full-length was released. This album, which was released via Godz Ov War Productions, carries the title Lamentation and Ardent Fire.

Lamentation and Ardent Fire immediately starts with a very impressive, tension-building and ritualistic-feeling intro during the first track, Profanity Galore. Besides the very nice intro of this very nice track, the guitarsolo by J.G. is also very nice.

Lucerus’ vocals sounds somewhere between growls and screams, which is very nice. Sometimes he also displays a different vocal sound. For example in A Race Without Hope where his vocals sounds a bit more ritualistic. Another example is when his vocals are tending more towards grunts in The Dead Sleep With Their Eyes Open and Night. In The Dead Sleep With Their Eyes Open there are also clean choir-like vocals to be heard, which perfectly fit in this track. However, I don’t know if these are also done by Lucerus, but if this is indeed the case, it is very surprising, in a nice way of course.

My personal favorites of Dalkhu’s Lamentation and Ardent Fire are the already mentioned tracks A Race Without Hope, The Dead Sleep With Their Eyes Open and Night. A Race Without Hope, which is instrumental for a big part, contains, besides the aforementioned ritualistic vocals, also very nice atmospheric-sounding guitars, very nice, surprising drums (which will come back a bit in Night) and a symphonic accent.

Dalkhu’s black metal for sure contains an atmospheric layer, however without their music being atmospheric black metal. Lamentation and Ardent Fire also brings a lot of variation and rhythm-changes. This all is spread over some lengthy tracks. Due to all these variations and rhythm-changes it is possible that this album can be a bit chaotic when you listen to it for the first time. However, after listening to it a few times, it will turn out as something very well done on this album.

With Lamentation and Ardent Fire, the Slovenian metallers of Dalkhu deliver a very nice black metal album with a lot of variation. In the beginning this album maybe needs a bit of getting used to it, but eventually it will turn out as a very strong album. Lamentation and Ardent Fire is for sure recommended for every black metal listener.

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