Review: Aborted – TerrorVision

Belgian gore death metallers Aborted have been around for quite some time and reached a new high point in their career with the previous record, Retrogore. Now they have released a new longplayer named TerrorVision – let’s see how this one turned out!

Everything kicks off rather mellow with the intro Lasciate Ogne Speranza, which still manages to ooze a creepy vibe as well. The brutality you would expect from Aborted is not long gone though, as it kicks in viciously with the first notes of the title track. This song has a lot of similarities with the ones of Retrogore, but also feels more technically refined. A cool track also featuring Seth Anton from Septicflesh! Thematically, all songs deal with a quite current topic – the media being an evil thing and hurting this world. The message is being delivered with an aggression typical for Aborted, and this aggression also drives the remainder of the songs. Some more catchy tunes can be found here and there, like in my favorite track of the album, Deep Red. However, here’s the core of my problem with this record: this is the only song that stands out to me, while the rest just blurs into a cloud of brutal, slamming-you-in-the-stomach metal that is typical for Aborted, but apart from TerrorVision and Deep Red, I can see no evolution whatsoever. It’s an album that will satisfy the die-hard fan, don’t get me wrong, but to me the evolution the guys commenced on Retrogore has come to a halt on this one. I do believe, however, that the next one might continue the progress, because this album is also a testament of great musicianship. 7/10.

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