Review: Dead Register – Captive

It is surprising to review an EP from a fairly unknown band and hear a very mature sound. Then I discover that this is not the first, but already the third EP by this band. None the less, the sound stands like a house. So this band is around for a while, their demo was released in 2014, and it is actually odd that the band did not get a breakthrough somehow. The music is fairly accessible and would fit well on an alternative radio station.

The music is a goth/rock blend and reminds of Sisters of Mercy and the ‘male songs’ of Faith and the Muse. Actually, a lot of bands can be heard in their sound. And that might be the flaw, it is not really refreshing music. Then, the fourth song of the EP stands out! Out of the comfortzone, sounding like they do not take themselves too serious (in a good way!)… but that turns out to be a cover of Dead and Gone. A good one that is though! They really take this and all the other songs up from the dark basements of the gothic underground, to the surface where they sound good. Not original, but still good. I do hope the band stays strong but developes their own sound even more. The last song of the EP has a fine mix of all the elements that the band could use. Waiting for the full album!

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