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In July 2017 we already wrote about the German band Sober Truth. Back then DutchMetalManiac’s Alessandro reviewed their latest album to that date, titled Locust ▽ Lunatic Asylum. You can find that review here. Now Sober Truth, consisting of vocalist/guitarist Torsten Schramm (Stein), bassplayer Jules Rockwell, leadguitarist Aaron Vogelsberg and drummer Sam Baw, released a successor of Locust ▽ Lunatic Asylum. This successor is a full-length album called Psychosis. Psychosis will be released on February 23rd via TaktArt Records.

The music that Sober Truth shows on Psychosis is a special combination of heavy grooving metal with the complexity of prog metal. However they don’t do this in the most extreme way possible, but that is of course not necessary to create a nice album.

Opening track Solitude soon thunders in. We hear heavy drums and guitars that show proggy moments as well as very tight riffing, combined with clean vocals with a raw edge. The vocals are something that will remain this way for most of the time, but Torsten also shows that he can do more with his voice on this album. Sometimes his vocals are going a bit more towards screaming or grunting with here and there even complete screams or grunts. An example of this can be heard in Riven. Torsten’s clean vocals are mainly a bit high, but he also shows that he’s able to deliver some lower sounding clean vocals in for example this album’s title track. In Utopia he also delivers a bit of spoken word, later in that same track some anthem-like vocals can be heard, very well combined with the aforementioned screams and grunts.

Before and during this bit of spoken word in Utopia we can also hear a very awesome bass-line by Jules. This is something that can be heard at some more moments during this album, like in the re-arranged track Sober and Dark Valley. Dark Valley is by the way a very heavy track, but at the same time also has its melodic and proggy moments. Progmelodeath would be a perfect description for this track.

Earlier I also mentioned the heavy drums by Sam and the very nice sounding guitars by Aaron and Torsten. These are for sure a very important part of this album. Sam delivers very tight drums, sometimes heavily grooving but at the same time he also is the heavy, reliable and impressing backbone of Sober Truth. Speaking about the guitars I already mentioned the proggy moments and the tight riffing. However these guitarists are producing more awesome stuff from their guitars on this album. They sometimes very nicely roar on their guitars, like in Horizon, a track that sometimes even sounds a bit like black metal, and Akardos. This album also regularly contains some ripping guitar solos. Examples of these can be heard in Akardos and Riven.

Dark Valley as well as Horizon are both personal favorites of Psychosis for me. However there is one track that stands out above those two being my top favorite of Psychosis, the title track. This track is definitely the masterpiece of this album, something Sober Truth works towards during the entire album. This most impressing track of this album contains almost all aspects of Sober Truth’s music. It is a track that has its quite calm and melodic moments but also its heavy and grooving moments. This for sure is the absolute highlight of this album.

To close Psychosis Sober Truth delivers an unplugged track called Collapse, which sounds a bit like dark country a la King Dude. This track is a very nice extra that shows Sober Truth in a completely different, but also positive, way. This track is completely different compared to the rest of this album, but it surely isn’t any less.

Sober Truth delivers a very great album with Psychosis, which is recommended for sure!

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