Exclusive Dutch video premiere: Dark Years from Now – Pyrophoric

On March the 8th Dark Years from Now released its self-titled debut album. Now Dark Years from Now has released the lyric video for the track called Pyrophoric.

Dark Years from Now’s Dan Potter commented the following about Pyrophoric: “Pyrophoric is straight and to the point, which I think makes for a great introduction to DYFN’s music with its guitar driven bombast hooking listeners in for the extreme rides found on much of the debut album. Riffs and blackened vocals unite with scenes of burning buildings savaged by rioters. Their wake of destruction is displayed alongside creepy wood cut engravings of historical fires and images of death and pain. These expulsions of pent-up human rage escalate quickly into scenes of self-immolation and violent atomic detonations. All the while each and every word is flashed across the scene in “crazy child scribbles” and “evil death metal font” calling for the destruction of all existence.”

DutchMetalManiac is proud to give you the exclusive Dutch video premiere of Pyrophoric below.

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