Interview: Two and a Half Girl

In February Two and a Half Girl released their debut EP, titled Prove You Wrong. On September the 13th they will be releasing their new single, titled Bring Me Back. Recently DutchMetalManiac’s Tim van Velthuysen interviewed them.

Hey, first of all your band name, Two and a Half Girl, what’s the story behind it?

We started this band with the three of us, Daan, Juliët & Anne. So the name made much more sense back then. It started as a joke, but after Pim and Chris joined we kind of liked that it was a bit of a strange ‘metal band name’. Not that we want to bash any metal band with a more traditional band name, but we never liked that for us.

In September Two and a Half Girl exists two years, how do you look back at that time?

I am really shocked that it has been two years. It really still feels like we have just started. In general we are very proud of what we have achieved. The amount of shows we have played in 2 years is something we are very proud of. Yet it has also been hectic. We had some line up changes in a short period at the start of our first tour. With the addition of Chris and Pim to the band, it’s been nothing but amazing.

In February you released your debut EP, Prove You Wrong. It’s really nice, how are the reactions you got on it?

We have received many positive reactions. The EP gets streamed pretty well, which is amazing but that people we didn’t know would sing along to our own songs at our release show in Paradiso was beyond our wildest dreams!

On September the 13th you are going to release a new single, called Bring Me Back. What are the lyrics about, bring you back to what?

The lyrics are about the safety and freedom of your youth. When you grow up, you are forced to face responsibilities, challenges and concerns. That can be pretty scary (in the beginning). Sometimes you wish you were still a little kid who only worries about playing lego’s & football.

In my opinion Prove You Wrong has a very dark and atmospheric vibe to it instrumentally, something Bring Me Back has less. How do you look at that? Was that a deliberate choice?

On the songs on the Prove You Wrong EP it worked really well to have those ambient clean guitars in the background. This song was written during the writing sessions of Prove You Wrong, but was way different from the rest. It didn’t make sense to use the same atmospheric guitars on this track, but we thought the song was too good to throw away.

Is Bring Me Back an teaser of something bigger, like an EP or an album? Can we expect more Two and a Half Girl material soon?

Nope! It’s just a stand alone single. Bring Me Back does not announce anything new except the new members. Pim and Chris can now be heard for the first time on a Two and a Half Girl track.

In May you were selected for Popronde Nederland 2019, how does that feel for you?

The jury of Popronde consists of successful people in the Dutch music scene, so it’s a compliment to be selected. Furthermore, it is a great opportunity to show us to a new audience in new cities.

You already announced four Popronde shows, two in Nijmegen, one in Den Bosch and one in Arnhem, can we expect more Two and a Half Girl shows during Popronde 2019?

Hell yes. Zwolle and Haarlem have just been confirmed. We might announce more Popronde shows in the future, but this is not entirely in our own hands. To not be totally dependent on Popronde, we also booked our own shows. A number of these shows have already been announced.

Our readers question comes from Robin Underkoffer, his question is: If you are going to start a sequel project will it be called Two and a Half Girl 2, Three and a Half Girl or Two and a Anderhalf (one and a half in Dutch, red.) Girl?

Two girls one cup, duh.

Thanks for your answers! Is there anything you want to say to our readers?

Thanks for reading, and keep coming to rock and metal shows: this is how we keep the scene alive, and hopefully ‘’see you soon!’’

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