Review: Sinheresy – Out of Connection

Italian symphonic metal quartet Sinheresy started off as a Nightwish cover band, but since then went ahead and started to write their own music, find their own style. Out of Connection is their third full-length record.

First up: What Makes Us Human. Synths accompany a fast-paced intro and also the rest of the track does not slow down. Clean male and female vocals intertwine and harmonize quite well. Sometimes, this song is borderline pop music and remind me of Amaranthe, but still it’s a good starter. Next up is the title track, Out of Connection. This one is even more pop-music-leaned than the previous one, and in my opinion one of the weaker tracks of the record. Still, already after these two songs, what really strikes me is the great production – hats off for this! Zero One is more progressive than the two previous tracks and therefore strikes my fancy more, especially the great guitar work on this track. Facts, Words, Sand, Stone is more of a pop-song, like Out of Connection, while Immortals picks up the progressive vibe again. Absolution is the ballad that inevitably ends up on every symphonic album, but this one is very beautiful and has its rockier moments. Break the Surface has the feeling of a heavier Daughtry-song to it, as does Shallow. The last two tracks are then again heavier, even though Blood Like Water is equipped with a beautiful piano solo in the middle and The Circle starts off with a moody, broody intro and ends with a hauntingly beautiful guitar outro.

In conclusion: Sinheresy have found their own sound, even though one can still make out some musical influences. Overall, though, the album is well rounded off, the songwriting interesting and the songs diverse enough to keep the listener engaged. While the more pop-oriented songs are not so much to my taste, they do not come off as cheesy or low-quality. This feeling is aided by the brilliant production of the album, as well as by the equally brilliant musicianship of the quartet. Thus, this album comes highly recommended! 9.5/10.

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