Review: The Price – A Second Chance To Rise

For me this album is the ‘softest’ album ever to review for DutchMetalManiac. The Price, a project by Marco Barusso, makes smooth edgy heavy rock, with strong references to 90’s rock and bands like Katatonia. After the first time listening to the album I was therefore wondering whether the album title was referring to a second chance for this type of heavy rock. It is not that the music is an exact copy of different bands, it is an interesting mix of styles, making clear where their inspiration comes from, but making it hard to really define their own sound.

The album starts with a nice catchy bass/drum/guitar introduction, Tears Roll Down. Yet when the singing starts it gives me a pop-feeling, making the song very smooth.
A MG Of Stone, the second song is heavier, like a mix between Katatonia and Guns ‘n’ Roses and the third, My Escape, also has a very strong reference to different bands I heard before.
There is nothing wrong with the production of the album and the music stands like a house, it is just not a very original concept.

Take Back Our Life, the fifth song, makes me get up from my chair. Again a nice introduction and rhythm, catchy but not too smooth. Free From Yesterday has a nice different style within the song, blues rock mixed with heavy rock. Quite nice!

Stormy Weather: Well, it takes eight songs into the album, but here is a very interesting song, an original sound and fine use of voice and instruments. On The Edge Of Madness sounds a lot like the Dutch doomies The Wounded, yet with a nice twist added to it. 

All in all the album contains twelve songs, all a bit different, yet with strong resemblance to work we heard before. All songs work alright, but they do not form one identity. As Marco Barusso said in his interview with DMM, it is all about choices. Maybe for this album he made to many choices? The Price seems to be a project that leans on ideas of the past, but also has interesting ideas of its own. Now…time to work on these! Quite sure the next album will be worth The Price.

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