Exclusive video premiere: Doomed To Fail – Betrayer

Doomed To Fail started as a side project in 2015 as an excuse for the three friends on bass (Jakob) and guitars (Patrick & René) to make music together.

They initially recorded and released an EP with 3 songs in July 2016, but really started growing into a full band only after Immanuel joined on vocals, and Alex joined on drums.

Doomed To Fail chose Betrayer as their first video as it was the first song they wrote together as a full band after Immanuel and Alex joined.

“Our songwriting lives off the different styles the musicians bring onto the table.
While Patrick has a speed/thrash metal guitar background and mixes in Amon Amarth-styled riffs, I am more influenced from black metal and blues.
Jakob brings in rock and pop elements on bass, and Alex is a pure monster on the drums who defies any genres.
Manu tops off this mix with a wide range of metal styled vocals from screaming to growling and anything in between.
Betrayer just perfectly showcases that: the riffing alternates between heavy thrash riffs and slow, melancholic melodies.
The songwriting happened naturally, as everyone just brings his style into this band. We never set off with a certain goal in mind.” explains guitar player René.

Doomed To Fail’s record Fury will be released on January the 17th, 2020 on all digital streaming platforms and on Digipack (available on Bandcamp and from the bandmembers directly).

DutchMetalManiac is proud to give you the exclusive video premiere of Betrayer below.

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