Live review: Deströyer 666, Mayhem, Dead Congregation, Gaahls Wyrd, Nocturnal Graves, Gost and Inconcessus Lux Lucis at Doornroosje, Nijmegen, The Netherlands, October 31st, 2019

The evening of Halloween was a great evening for fans of extreme metal in Doornroosje, Nijmegen. One day earlier Deströyer 666, Nocturnal Graves, Dead Congregation and Inconcessus Lux Lucis performed in Gebr. De Nobel in Leiden, while Mayhem, Gaahls Wyrd and Gost performed there one day after this show in Nijmegen. Tonight, these two tours are combined, resulting in seven bands, among which a few extreme metal legends, on one evening!

Unfortunately I missed the first band of this evening, Inconcessus Lux Lucis, due to quite some delay during entering the venue.

That makes that this live review starts with the band that is the outsider of this line-up, musically. This band doesn’t play metal, but darkwave. Not just darkwave, but very brutal and dark darkwave, by Gost. It’s up to them to open the big, red stage tonight. Gost immediately shows that they aren’t inferior to the rest of tonight’s line-up in terms of intensity and darkness. That’s no coincidence of course, since they’re touring with Mayhem and Gaahls Wyrd and that of course is for a reason. The huge amount of smoke on stage, as well as the very intense lightshow including a lot of use of stroboscopes also add a lot to the intensity of Gost’s show. As far as we can see, due to that smoke and lightshow, only a bass player and a vocalist are on stage, but together they produce a huge wall of sound that pounds very heavily, on some moments almost blast beat-like. This results in some heads starting to go up and down. Vocally, we’ll hear clean vocals as well as very intense screams, that would also perfectly fit in black metal. Another thing that makes this band fit very well within tonight’s line-up.

The next band is the second, for me first, band on the a bit smaller, purple stage: Nocturnal Graves. Their thrashing death metal results in a lot more headbangers compared to Gost’s darkwave. Nocturnal Graves plays a set which is quite fast-paced, but at some times they also slow things down a bit, without giving in on brutality. Guitarist Decaylust not only plays his guitar, but also delivers some screams, while lead vocalist J., who also is the bass player of the band, delivers grunts. Unfortunately those grunts are at some moments on a bit of a low volume. That’s not the only disadvantage of this show though. Nocturnal Graves’ death metal is pretty guitar-driven and also includes quite a lot of nicely roaring guitar solos, executed by Decaylust as well as by his colleague-guitarist Shrapnel, which surely is a positive thing. However, the somewhat negative side of this is about the echoing effect that sometimes comes with Shrapnel’s solos. In itself this is something nice, but it sometimes comes at very unexpected moments, which makes it sound a bit random and, because of that, messy.

After that we go back to the other stage where the next show is about to start. That’s a show that I am personally already looking forward to for quite some time, Gaahls Wyrd’s show. During quite a long intro guitarist Lust Kilman, bass player Eld, drummer Spektre and live-guitarist Blasphemer are entering the stage. However, the audience only becomes really enthusiastic when Gaahl himself enters the stage towards the end of this intro. They’re delivering a hell of a show that at some moments even feels a bit ritualistic. In my opinion this show is tonight’s most convincing show. During the show Gaahl himself moves very calmly and certain. While he delivers his intense vocals he calmly walks over the stage, sometimes penetratingly pointing at the audience and shaking hands with some people in the audience. He does all this in a very grand and powerful way, sometimes that also adds quite a lot to this already quite powerful show. People who wanted to shake hands with Gaahl, but didn’t succeed in doing so during the show, can try again at the end of the show, since Gaahl, just as a few other band members, are taking the time to do so. Of course, Gaahl is also present vocally. Not just present, but present in a very convincing way as well, with his clean vocals, his intense, raw screams, as well as with a few long, high notes that also clearly show that everything with his breath is functional as well.

In the purple stage the next band, Dead Congregation, already started their set. The banners that are standing on stage show a skull with the text “Pray for total death”. Maybe we have to pray for total death, but we definitely don’t have to pray for total death metal, because that’s what Dead Congregation is delivering in a very brutal way. Dead Congregation’s death metal not only is very brutal, but it also is very fast, at least for the main part of it, including quite a lot of blast beats. Altogether, this is a very ideal training for the neck muscles, something that many people in the audience can clearly appreciate, since quite a lot of people are headbanging. During all that brutality and speed guitarist T. K. and vocalist/guitarist A. V. are also delivering some very nicely roaring solos, while A. V. also delivers some very low grunts that really go through marrow and bone. A very strong death metal show for sure!

Then there are only two bands to go for tonight, the headliners of both tours. To start with Mayhem, who are the latest band performing on the red stage this evening. Before Mayhem enters the stage, Hellhammer’s big drumkit is already promising a lot. During the show the rich sound of these drums, together with Necrobutcher’s clearly audible, crunchy-sounding bass are delivering a nice base for Mayhem’s fast-pacing pounders as well as for their a bit more lingering songs. Something that unfortunately wasn’t always that well audible were Attila Csihar’s vocals, which were, when audible, very intense. During the first few songs this problem was bigger compared to later on in the set, but later his clean vocals were also on a bit of a low volume at some moments. Fortunately this wasn’t the case anymore with his most intense vocals, his screams. Attila Csihar wasn’t only present with his vocals though, but also in terms of his stage-presentation with his special outfit and his grand way of moving. Halfway through the set the entire band walks off stage to return after a few moments, shrouded in black robes to play some De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas material.

Then it’s time for tonight’s last band, on the purple stage where the blackthrashers of Deströyer 666 are performing their show. For everyone who still has some energy left inside their body, Deströyer 666 delivers a show in which that energy can be unleashed, something that indeed happens looking at the mosh pit here. Of course, that’s also because there’s a lot of energy coming off of the stage during this show, in which vocals are being delivered by three of Deströyer 666’s four band members. Most of these vocals are executed by band-founder K.K. Warslut, but guitarist Ro and bass player Felipe are also doing some of those vocals. Unfortunately these vocals aren’t always audible that well, but that’s the only disadvantage of this very energetic and nice show.

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