Preview: Cult of Luna, Brutus and A.A. Williams at Melkweg, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, November 26th, 2019

On Tuesday next week, November the 26th, the venue of the Melkweg in Amsterdam, The Netherlands will be in atmospheric vibes. Then the Swedish post-metal giants of Cult of Luna will be performing there. As supports they will bring the Belgians of Brutus and the British A.A. Williams.

The evening will be opened by A.A. Williams. Her impressive self-titled debut album was released in January, with a reissue, that also adds a cover of Dolly Parton’s Jolene and the stripped down rehearsal recordings of three of the four songs, that was released in September. That debut album contains four songs that all sound very nice and are definitely giving goosebumps. They are quite calm, but with a doomy vibe, beautiful and dark at the same time. So, this is very special, impressive music that is perfect for an evening like this to immediately get in the right mood. Be sure to not miss this, because this will be very special.

After A.A. Williams’ set the evening will become quite a bit heavier, to start with the Belgian band Brutus. This band plays immersive, heavy, but at the same time atmospheric and even a bit proggy music while vocalist/drummer Stefanie sings beautiful clean vocals as well as some more aggressive sounding shouts. Brutus already showed this on their debut album, titled Burst, that was released two years ago and they continue that very nicely with Burst‘s successor Nest, which was released last March. I am very curious how this will sound when played live. This almost has to be very crushing.

Last June I saw tonight’s headliner, Cult of Luna, perform for the first time. That was at the FortaRock festival in Nijmegen, you can read my live review of it here. Cult of Luna’s show was a very intense and immersive experience, that was very nice, despite the few technical problems they had to endure during that show. Hopefully this show will be just as intense, just as immersive and just as nice as that show, but without the technical problems. The difference between Cult of Luna now and back then is that they released their new album, A Dawn to Fear, in September. On this album we’ll again hear very nice immersive parts with an atmospheric vibe, such as in its title track, but also very heavily pounding parts such as in The Silent Man and Nightwalkers. This is a show that has to be experienced, a show that needs you to let yourself go. That’s what Cult of Luna’s music is perfect for and my expectation is that that will be how it’s going to be this evening.

There’s no doubt that this evening will be a very special, beautiful evening with three very immersive shows!

Who will we see there? If you don’t have tickets yet, you can buy them here.

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