Review: Darkmoon Warrior – Angels of Dirt – Beasts of Rebellion

In 1996 vocalist/bass player Atom Krieg and guitarist Grommon formed Darkmoon Warrior. After a few demos, they released their full-length debut, titled In Fundis Inferiorum, in 2005. In 2009 that debut was followed by their second album titled Crown of Snakes. At that moment Darkmoon Warrior also decided to start playing live. In 2013 these German black metallers released their third album: Nuke ‘em all. That was the latest Darkmoon Warrior album on which founding member Grommon can be heard, because they split due to creative disagreements during the creating process of Nuke ‘em all’s successor. That situation makes that Atom Krieg is Darkmoon Warrior’s only band member that can be heard on all recordings, because that successor is now released. That album is titled Angels of Dirt – Beasts of Rebellion and was released via Folter Records on September the 27th. Darkmoon Warrior’s current line-up consists, in addition to Atom Krieg on vocals and bass, of drummer L.V.X. and guitarist/vocalist Greifenor.

Darkmoon Warrior starts Angels of Dirt – Beasts of Rebellion with Thermonuclear Predator. Thermonuclear Predator starts with a 30-second-long dark ambient, droning intro including a bit of spoken word with the very fitting, well-known Robert Oppenheimer-quote “Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.”, before coming in very heavily after that with an intensity that’s like a musical atom bomb. The raging pace of the very pummeling drums and tight guitars is amazing. At some moments Darkmoon Warrior slows things down for a bit, but they mainly pummel very heavily. In addition to that they also show quite a lot of variation in rhythm, which makes Angels of Dirt – Beasts of Rebellion far from boring. Especially the drums sound extremely destructive and are pounding through your bones. This of course also is because of the furious pace and is also strengthened by the regularly dull sound of these drums. This makes that Angels of Dirt – Beasts of Rebellion has quite an underground vibe, which is the case with this album in its entirety but especially goes for the drums.

In addition to those drums there are regularly high, atmospheric guitars to be heard, without making the music sound like something towards atmospheric black metal. At some moments there also are some lower tuned tight riffs to be heard, just as a combination of both, like for example in the sometimes a bit slower and doomier track Into Thy Crimson Realms, my personal favorite of this album. In this track we’ll also hear a very nice guitar solo, surrounded with quite an atmospheric vibe.

In the next track, the quite thrashy track titled Blackmetal Anarchy we’ll also hear Greifenor play another two nice guitar solos. Live, this track will probably also be very nice, because of its at moments very nice “fists up in the air and shout along”-parts.

Of course there are also vocals included in Darkmoon Warrior’s heavily pounding black metal. Those vocals are very fitting with this album that has a very heavy, filthy and underground vibe. Those vocals are screams that sound extremely raw, filthy and furious. That’s the case during the entire album, but this probably gets the most extreme in Coração Sinistro. The best example of this are the very misanthropic screams around 1:35, with the screams at the beginning and the end of this track closely following. Darkmoon Warrior may be German, Coração Sinistro surely isn’t. It is Portuguese and partly contains Portuguese lyrics sung by the only guest on this album, Alexandre NH Mota from Corpus Christii. This album also contains English and German lyrics, with the German lyrics, as can be heard in Brenne Für Mich, making the already raw vocals even more rawer.

With Angels of Dirt – Beasts of Rebellion Darkmoon Warrior delivered a very heavily pounding, pretty straightforward black metal album. Don’t expect huge twists or something very refreshing and experimental, but just good straightforward black metal without too much fuss. So, do you like some more traditional black metal? Be sure to check out Darkmoon Warrior’s Angels of Dirt – Beasts of Rebellion!

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