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It is possible that you’ve already read about the Spanish metallers of [In Mute] on DutchMetalManiac before. In 2017 we reviewed Gea, the at that moment new album of this band, here. As you can read here we also interviewed them at that time. Back then [In Mute] consisted of vocalist Steffie, guitarists Mike and Cristobal, bass player Pedro and drummer Adrián. Between then and now [In Mute] and vocalist Steffie parted ways and ex-Martyrium vocalist Vanja Obscure became [In Mute]’s new vocalist. Nowadays Mike not only plays his guitar, but also delivers vocals. That, and more, can now be heard on their recently released new album, Chaos Breeder.

Since I already started about the vocals on Chaos Breeder, I’ll get a bit deeper in on that first. Vanja mainly delivers very brutal vocals, with the main part of it being very intense and deep growls, such as can be heard in A Beautiful Disaster and EcceTorment. EcceTorment also shows the variation in her brutal vocals. Towards the end of this track, just as in the beginning of opening track Just(ice), she also delivers, in addition to her deep growls, some intense screams. She also whispers very darkly, may it only be for a short moment, in that same opening track.

Vanja’s vocals are really nice. However, anyone who also listened to [In Mute]’s previous album Gea, knows that this vocal style isn’t something new for [In Mute]. While guitarist Mike already can be heard on Gea, on Chaos Breeder he also shows, in addition to his guitars, something new: his vocals. Mike’s vocals have less variation in style compared to Vanja’s vocals, his vocals are almost all melodic, clean vocals. However, the fact that Mike’s vocals don’t have that much variation isn’t something bad, due to the fact that this addition is new and because of Vanja delivering other vocal styles, including some variation. His vocals in itself already are a huge addition to [In Mute]’s music. A few examples of this can be found in Just(ice), Beyond Death and Depth of Suffering, with the last mentioned track becoming of almost epic proportions during the parts that include clean vocals.

Instrumentally [In Mute] also sounds very nice on Chaos Breeder, sounding very overwhelming due to the huge amount of energy they’re showing on this album. That immediately starts with opening track Just(ice) which pounds directly from its first moments without any intro or building up. What [In Mute] already showed on Gea and what they very nicely continue with on Chaos Breeder is the combination of extremely grooving brutality, mostly due to Adrián’s rich-sounding drums and his regularly quite proggy way of drumming, and very nice melodies. You would probably think that if you give more space to one of those two aspects, the other one has to give in a bit in return. However, when you compare Chaos Breeder with Gea [In Mute] shows that this isn’t necessarily the case. The melodic aspect has become bigger on Chaos Breeder, mainly due to the addition of Mike’s melodic vocals, but [In Mute] definitely doesn’t give in on the grooving and pounding aspect, such as can be heard in A Beautiful Disaster, Beyond Death and Calibrated Face. That surely is the power of Chaos Breeder.

In 2017 [In Mute] delivered a very strong album with Gea. Now they do so again with Chaos Breeder. Don’t you know [In Mute] yet? Then it sure is time to get to know them!

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