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In November the Spanish metallers of [In Mute] released their new album, titled Chaos Breeder. DutchMetalManiac’s Tim van Velthuysen reviewed it here. Earlier he also reviewed their Gea album here. Around that time he also interviewed them, which you can read here. Now he again had an interview with [In Mute]. [In Mute]’s bass player Pedro answered.

Hey, congratulations with your new album, Chaos Breeder. I really like it.
I reviewed Chaos Breeder as well as its predecessor, Gea, and the thing I think really adds a new dimension to Chaos Breeder compared to Gea are the additional melodic, clean vocals your guitarist Mike now also delivers, in addition to playing the guitar. How do you see this?

Yes, it is undoubtedly what makes the most difference with respect to previous albums.
We were testing the voices of Vanja and Mike at the same time and we saw that they were great, so we decided that in all the songs there would be that game of voices.

How did you come up with the idea of adding these vocals?

The melodic voices were something we wanted to add in the group for a long time, although it wasn’t possible until Mike’s arrival.

Speaking about vocals, around a year ago you parted ways with your former vocalist Steffi. What was the reason behind that?

Music is something very rewarding, but you also have to spend a lot of time, and combine it with other jobs. She had other projects beyond the musical and decided to devote more to those issues.

How were the reactions you got about that and what did those reactions do with you?

Well, training changes are common in music. People understand it, and if after the change the music keeps playing with the same essence there is never a problem. The reaction of the people has been very good and they have welcomed both Vanja and Mike’s entrance to the melodic voices.

Later you announced Vanja Obscure as your new vocalist, what made her the perfect person to be [In Mute]’s new vocalist?

The band had already played with their previous group a couple of times. When we were without a singer we were looking for a lot, and we learned that she was living in Valencia, and that she was not singing in any group. We undoubtedly suggested that she come in to sing with us, and she loved the idea.

What reactions did you get about her joining the band and how did you feel about those reactions?

The change of singer is always something important, since in addition to singing is who else is in contact with the public, but the truth is that Vanja has had very good reception both for her way of singing and for attitude. We are very happy for how well she has fit in the group, it seems that we have been playing together for years!

Did the vocalist change bring some changes to the creating process of the album and if so, what changed?

Since Vanja came to sing with us she has become very involved in the group. The main change in the process of creating the album has been that it has participated more in the creative process of the songs, from the lyrics to the composition of the voice lines.

A bit longer than a week ago you had Chaos Breeder‘s releaseparty. How was it?

It was great!! We did it in a friend’s pub, the Alcatraz Rock bar. It was a rather familiar party, surrounded by all the friends who follow the group, although people who had listened to us recently also approached. Very good atmosphere, and a wonderful way to share with them this new stage that we are starting!

You already announced some upcoming Spanish shows. Can we expect more shows in support of Chaos Breeder? Maybe coming to The Netherlands?

It is quite likely yes! We are working to close many dates both inside and outside our borders, and soon you will have news. We hope to go near where you live and that we share this musical catharsis together!!

In our earlier interview we also talked a bit about the Spanish metalscene. I just saw the already announced bands for Leyendas del Rock and Resurrection Fest, with Resurrection Fest’s line-up so far being very special. How does that feel for you being a Spanish metalhead?

Well, the metal scene in the country is getting better. There are more and more festivals, and many new bands with a lot of quality are also coming out. After a while standing between the change of singer and the recording of the album, we are ready to play in every possible festival with more motivation than ever.

Three years ago you played there for the last time. Since you’ve a new album released now, is [In Mute] going to play Resurrection Fest 2020?

For this edition we will not be part of the poster, although we will also be part of other very interesting festivals that we will announce very soon, in addition to a very special tour in which we have been working for a long time.

Since 2019 is coming to its end, what are [In Mute]’s plans for 2020?

Play and play. It is what motivates us the most in life and we are with a very consolidated formation, with more desire than ever!

Thanks for your answers! Is there anything you want to say to our readers?

Thank you very much to the entire DutchMetalManiac family for your interest and dedicate your time, and hope to see you soon in your cities!
A big metal hug

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