Review: Pandemonium – Nihilist

Most of the lads, Paul (vocals), Mark (vocals, guitar), Michael (bass), Major (guitar), Desecrate (drums), and a special, sorrowful RIP to Peter (aka Zuber) have been around since the early nineties and have shared stages with the likes of Slayer, Celtic Frost and Morbid Angel. An impressive, hellish arsenal and they are back with this new opus. With special guests: Szymon (Tenebris), vocals, Gary (Hellspawn) –guitar solos, the album is released in a traditional CD (jewel) case on a golden CD and all copies hand numbered: yea! Old school sales; keeping it real!

You all know I’m not a fan of horrid satanic/dark/black/death metal, but this is an intriguing one, with the dark somber overtones like old Venom, Celtic Frost, Bathory and the like. The 7:22 intro song Nations of Slaves plods along but has me captivated with some interesting rhythmic changes and surprisingly clear Gravocals.

Unholy Essence is quite good actually (acch, am I being converted???) but the background vox….I don’t think trying to sound like a lizard is it for me, but many will like this and the song rocks in its entirety.

The strutting and pounding beats of The Gate of Bones is great! Beautiful tempo change at 2:15 and then the foray into demonic cross-voices actually…fits. Not bad at all actually!

Like punching a bowl of Captain Crunch, the guitar on Temple of Ghouls is awesomely low and perfect and similarly for Altar of Life, both with good changes and well written arrangements and set ups. These two songs should be templates for this genre at this timestamp in music life. Beautiful change at 3:06 in Altar of Life; turning this up now for the neighbors….

Przyjdź Królestwo Twoje a Polish version of the Lord’s Prayer? Thy Kingdom Come is a brutally hard piece that shoves wickedly screaming guitar solos at 01:59 and 3:28 into your beating heart. The 2nd longest song, it is well developed and quite artistic!

These Lads from Lodz impress and really, with all this experience, how can they not, even to me. The album is quite rich with expert musicianship, great production and an ease for getting their true to life message across. Not all of us read The Necronomicon but if it’s still in the library, I’m sure The Devil has updated it and added a Pandemonium CD in the jacket…blood red copy. Careful. YOU have to sign it.


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