Review: The Order Of Chaos – Apocalypse Moon

The Order Of Chaos, it is the name of a metalband from Canada and they will release their third full-length, called Apocalypse Moon, in Canada on July 24th. An European release date is to be announced.

Apocalypse Moon counts twelve songs over 54 minutes. While this metal band has an female vocalist, The Order Of Chaos can’t be listed into the female-fronted subgenre. This woman, Amanda Kiernan has one hell of a voice. She can sing clean nicely, but she screams also. Those screams are full of aggression and are very powerful. Only thing, which involves the vocals, that could be better on Apocalypse Moon, is that the vocals are a little bit on the background. Those powerful vocals don’t deserve that. Musically Apocalypse Moon blast through your speakers as one heavy storm. Very nice music from musicians who know how to handle their instrument. When you buy Apocalypse Moon and you like it, your neighbors have to like it too, because this music deserves to be heard very loud.

The Order Of Chaos has done a great job in making Apocalypse Moon. Definitely a band to watch in the future and I very recommend you to listen to their upcoming album Apocalypse Moon.

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  • This album is awesome. I saw them 16.11.2015 in Bratislava and live performance was great. I cant understand why this group is unknown. I hope I will hear more about them in the future.

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