Review: Tsjuder – Antiliv

1. Kaos
2. Krater
3. Norge
4. Djevelens Mesterverk
5. Demonic Supremacy
6. Slumber with the Worm
7. Ved ferdens ende
8. Antiliv

Tsjuder is:
Nag – vocals, bass
Draugluin – guitars, backing vocals
AntiChristian – drums

This fifth full-length album of Tsjuder is very decent quality black metal. They have made a good come-back in 2011 with Legion Helvete, and this album is of the same quality. The 46:19 minutes are filled with pure Norwegian black metal tunes, what makes this album good to listen if you’re already a fan of Tsjuder, or any other Norwegian black metal band.

The first song kicks in at the very first second. Raw, harsh screams, and that’s what Tsjuder is best in. Like they’ve stated on their facebook-biography: “Their intention was to create the rawest form of black metal, and continue that for the lifetime of the band”. Well, turns out that’s no lie.
The second song, Krater, has less up-tempo riffs, and it sounds like they’re at war when you hear a bomb falling and exploding. Nice job, it makes the song extra aggressive! In the middle of the song, they’re starting to play very calm, what didn’t really matched my view of this song being about war. They start playing again, and after a minute it becomes clear that it is indeed about war. An air-raid siren sounds, and more bombs are getting dropped. I can understand some people won’t like it, but I really get excited about it. It reminds me a bit of Marduk’s Frontschwein. And for me, that’s a compliment.

After this song, another few songs start. They’re all very decent, yet they’re just not that really special, and after half an hour I almost start to get a little bored.
Luckily, that didn’t take too long, because the last song on the album, Antiliv, started. I really got blown away. The riffs are sounding like there’s a complete army marching towards you, and Nag’s vocals sound like they are going to kill you. In a good way.

So guys, Tsjuder is back, and they prove once again that they can still make albums which will give many black metal fans an eargasm.

Tsjuder Official Website
Tsjuder Facebook

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