Review: Bodyfarm – Battle Breed

Aha another battle is coming and it is Dutch warfare called Bodyfarm. Their mission is to stampede over the battlegrounds everywhere. Their Dutch old school death metal is played with not only quality but as it’s supposed to be. The third full release of the squad is played as the genre demands, their sound is great, the combination between everybody that has contributed to this release has scored.

After a great intro from another known Dutch musician Clemens Wijers from Carach Angren the first hammering starts with The Dark Age and it pounds with proud on and Martin van Drunen is doing guest vocals on The Dark Age also so this is a well executioned song. It takes you to a certain level of hammering to a more melodic end, so the diversity is there.

The third song is just a marching order to the nearest battle field and it grooves. It arrives on their beloved open fields to blast trough the enemy lines. The sound on this release is just more flowing and needed to be done and again executed and when we all reach the song Dawn of Defeat after a grinding start the mission is again to trample, even has some Bolt Thrower like sound and it is awesome. Impaling is the game with Vlad the Impaler with Prince of Wallachia with some blastbeats. The song has a more a balance in melodic and pounding. The sound is just what it takes to keep it raw and indestructable. It takes you back to the early 90’s Dutch death metal scene and it feels great.

The last songs are pounding and slower more true to the nature, the tank division that roll on and smash everything in their way.

There is the standard edition without the song Slaves Of War but the Limited Digi-CD and limited LP will include a bonustrack, the re-recorded Slaves Of War, originally part of the selftitled 2010 debut ep.

One of the best releases this year in old school death metal and this is a great release!

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