Review: Queensrÿche – Condition Hüman

With this album Queensrÿche kind of delivers what is expected of them. This is their 14th to be exact, but only the second with frontman Todd LaTorre who joined in 2012.

The sound of this album makes you think about earlier Queensrÿche albums; bombastic. LaTorre is great most times, amazing at others.

It’s kind of like they went back to their roots with this relatively new frontman.

The album starts with Arrow of Time, a song filled with speedy guitar work yet at times it slows down for no obvious reason leaving me wondering whether I love it or hate it. Guardian is a great song, probably among the best they ever made, but at the end there’s this sort of static… Don’t know why but it just sounds strange. To me it doesn’t do the song any justice. At all.

All There Was has a great rhythm and the lyrics of Toxic Remedy are great. The chorus sticks instantly. On the other hand there’s Just Us… I don’t know what LaTorre thinks he’s doing in those first few lines but it’s not working. However, if you listen to the rest of the song it gets better but never close to a great song. Hellfire on the other hand is great; not too much of anything, just great. The title song is last on the album. Personally I think this is one of the best songs on this album. It’s a little long at 7.46 minutes but who cares? I say; seven minutes well spend.

This whole melodic, bombastic kind of metal where the vocals seem to be more important than anything else isn’t really my kind of thing yet I liked this album. Mostly.

In case you were wondering; Condition Hüman is produced by Zeuss known for his work with Rob Zombie, Hatebreed and Sanctuary.

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