Review: The Silverblack – The Grand Turmoil

When I got this album to review it, I didn’t know what to expect from it, it was a band I never heard of and I couldn’t find info on it. Upon the first listening while working it gave me a rather funny feeling.

I heard electronic music, I heard breakdowns and harsh almost growling vocals combined with a dose of effects on the vocals. The best I can describe it is a mix of industrial metal and metalcore/hardcore. The whole album is unsettling for me as my music taste is not in this direction, but still the quality can’t be disputed.

In a few parts the album reminds me of the early works of Disturbed, and in the next moment it sounds like Bring Me The Horizon. What was most interesting for me is the breaks in the songs, which have different feels in every song, sometimes is a flamenco sounding break in the song, sometimes is a pure industrial/electronic break in the song.

Some of the complains I have for the album is the mixing of the vocals, as they sometimes overpower the rest of the instruments, and sometimes the effects used on the vocals make it a little bit odd and not understandable for me. As for the rest of the instruments and effects I have no complains, everything is audible and skillfully mixed.

The songs themselves are structured like a typical industrial metal fashion with a little bit of metalcore elements, but since my experience in this kind of albums is limited, I may be wrong.

All in all, this is a album that opened me for a new “genre” what this album represents, and overall this is a very good album.

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