Exclusive track premiere and interview Spawn Of Psychosis

On November 15th Spawn Of Psychosis are going to release their new album Ministry Of Transition. DutchMetalManiac asked them some questions and exclusively premiere their new track Martyr.

Hi, thanks for the interview. First of all, can you introduce yourselves and tell something about Spawn Of Psychosis?

KHAOSS: Hi I’m KHAOSS-Lord of the D20, I bass, and I am a Pokemon Master.
DRAGG: I’m DRAGG, guitarist and head of band propaganda.
SPAWN: I’m SPAWN, vocalist and consumer of all the Jaffa cakes.
RAZORR: I’m RAZORR, lead guitarist, synth sample, and drum programmer and overseer of music production.

Your music sounds like a mix of industrial, metal and punk. What are bands that influence you and are there also other influences in other genres, or outside music at all?

KHAOSS: My playing style is influenced by artists such as Korn and Primus. Bands who’s music is very bass focussed.
DRAGG: I’m influenced by a lot of goth-punk music such as Wednesday 13. However during my time in this band I have taken influence from bands I’ve discovered more recently from industrial genres.
SPAWN: Musically my main influence has always been Metallica. Lyrically I take influence from real life events as well as books and films.
RAZORR: My main influences are Nine Inch Nails along with the earlier industrial bands such as Godflesh and Killing Joke. I listen to a wide variety of genres including metal, hiphop, Middle Eastern, and lots of electronica.

On November 15th, your new album Ministry Of Transition is going to see its release. How is it going to be?

KHAOSS: What do you think? Its gonna be awesome lol.
DRAGG: Agreed.
SPAWN: Second that.
RAZORR: hmmmm……………..yeah it should be good.

Last year I reviewed your album Freakshow Pandemic (here) and when I heard the recently released track The Damage from your new album, I heard that the vocals are pushed back a little bit in volume. Is that on purpose? Because on Freakshow Pandemic the vocals were much louder than the instruments in my opinion.

KHAOSS: I dont know how this shit works. Maybe.
DRAGG: We had a guest vocalist on that track so we had to balance the vocals differently compared to previous tracks.
SPAWN: On our previous albums I was abit obsessed with making sure my vocals could be heard. This time though I recognized the need to have the tracks mixed in a much more balanced way, so I let Producer-G put my vocals down.
RAZORR: When it came to writing this album, I had a lot more synths, fx etc going on compared to our previous records, so I wanted them to be heard just as clear as the vocals and other instruments. I felt in Freakshow some of the synths and effects got buried in the mix so we wanted to prevent that from happening again.

Normally a new album is planned to be better than its predecessor. Is this succeeded with Ministry of Transition? What are the improvements Spawn Of Psychosis made with Ministry Of Transition?

DRAGG: Ministry of Transition is definitely a step above our previous releases. We have put a lot more time and thought into every aspect of this record. There is more depth to the music and each track has a significantly different sound. The production process was more carefully planned as well as the decision to have Reza Udhin of Cryonica Mastering and Killing Joke master the album. Also, instead of designing the album cover ourselves, we had the help of graphic designer Jon Briggs of Inquisition Designs who put together some fantastic artwork for us.

What are the lyrical themes you deal with on the new album?

SPAWN: On this album I deal with political issues that connect to the narrative we have going through the album and our current stage show. I also wrote about such things as teen suicide due to cyber bully, which became the track Martyr, as well as various topics influenced by my personal life.

Can we expect some shows of Spawn Of Psychosis in The Netherlands?

SPAWN: We would love to come play The Netherlands, to make it happen though, we need a promoter and a venue willing to take us on and host us. So if anyone reading this interview can help us out they should get in touch via the contact page on our website.

What are some upcoming releases you are excited about?

KHAOSS: Fallout 4 🙂
DRAGG: Valentines for Sick Minds by Acey Slade
SPAWN: The next Dope, Wednesday 13, and Metallica albums
RAZORR: Have to agree with rob on this one, Fallout 4 FTW!

Which bands would you love to share the stage with in the future?

The Defiled, Angelspit, Wednesday 13, Acey Slade, Dope, Killing Joke, Pretty Addicted, Perception of Darkness, HEX….to just name a few.

What do you do for living and how do you combine this with Spawn Of Psychosis?

Two of us work in retail, one is a lift engineer and the other is a hospital porter.
It can be a challenge sometimes to co-ordinate everyone, but when you are passionate about doing something you make it work.

Again thank you for doing this interview. Do you want something to say to the readers of DutchMetalManiac?

Thanks for interviewing us, thanks to everyone for reading, and if your readers want to purchase any of albums, including our new album, then they can head over to our website.

As we previously stated, if anyone is interested in booking us so we can come play for you guys they can contact us via our website or directly via our label by emailing dredgerecords@yahoo.co.uk.

Listen exclusively to their new track Martyr below.

Spawn Of Psychosis Official Website
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