Live review: Stahlzeit, 19 December 2015, De Bosuil, Weert, The Netherlands

Last Saturday I went to Stahlzeit, the best cover band of Rammstein. They played in the Bosuil located in Weert, the Netherlands. Stahlzeit is known for their spectacular pyro effects and the vocals of the singer Heli ReiBenweber is mostly the same as Till Lindemann’s (Rammstein) voice.

The doors went open around 20:00 and in no time we were standing in the front of the stage. There was no support band so Stahlzeit began to play around 21:30. They opened with the song Reise, Reise which means in English (Travel, Travel). On the front of the stage stood a couple of fire and confetti canons, they were so close to you that you had to back up otherwise the heat was too intense. But it definitely made the songs more pop like: Mein Herz Brennt and Wollt Ihr Das Bett In Flammen Sehen. They played also Bück Dich, with that song the keyboard player is involved as well. The singer has a fake dildo that can fire water at you and you will be soaked. The whole crowd was jumping and yelling, it was a beautiful sight. The song Pussy is mostly in English and the crowd was singing along and at the end of this song they pulled a confetti canon on stage. All the songs were performed beautifully and the instrumental was spot on.

It was a very good concert, if you like Rammstein this is a cover band for you. The band is also very friendly and will chat en take pictures with you or even on stage at some point they will interact with you. My friend that has never heard or saw Rammstein before was amazed by this performance.

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