Review: The Shiva Hypothesis – Promo 2015

Four guys coming from the east of The Netherlands are playing great black metal. They are called The Shiva Hypothesis and they just released their 2015 Promo containing three songs.

Starting with some slow-paced black metal, it is going fast soon. The vocals are changing from typical black metal screams to low growls, which is in my opinion a perfect combination. Speaking about changing, the instrumental part keeps changing in tempo and rhythm a lot, which makes it a little bit chaotic, but it keeps very listenable. This is some black metal for the metalhead who wants his black metal a little bit more varied than black metal usually is.

One thing I want to point out is the intro of their second song Praedormitium. It starts with some vocals which are almost meditational, slowly changing in the same but with black metal vocals. Personally I think the intro is great, just as the rest of the promo.

Instrumentally it is all very nice played, especially with the tempo and rhythm changes, they still keep playing very nicely. Production-wise, it’s all very nicely done. It all sounds very nice.

The Shiva Hypothesis plays some black metal in a way other than usual black metal, but in a great way. This is a very nice promo and I am looking forward to hear more of them. Very recommended to any black metal fan, but I think there are a lot of other metalheads who can also respect this. So give it a listen!

The Shiva Hypothesis Facebook
The Shiva Hypothesis Bandcamp

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