Live review: Reckless Love, Santa Cruz at Doornroosje, Nijmegen, The Netherlands, 30-3-2016

Reckless Love just released their latest album InVader and while they play this show on a Wednesday evening it felt like it was already weekend. The whole day the sun was shining, temperature was nice and it was a perfect evening for some glam metal, because we are the weekend!

On this evening their tour with special guest Santa Cruz strikes down to Doornroosje, Nijmegen.

Before the first band, Santa Cruz, started, the venue was already open for 45 minutes, so time enough to find a nice spot. While the concert wasn’t sold out, the front part of the venue was quickly filled. When you needed some more space you could easily find that spot some more in the back.

At some moment, the background music faded out, lights turned off and you could almost feel the tension in the audience rising. The Pirates Of The Caribbean theme started and Santa Cruz came on stage. Right from the start they blew the audience away and at the first song there was already a circle pit! Santa Cruz’ show was very close to perfect. You can see that the guys themselves are very well enjoying the show, while they also play their instruments very nicely. Only thing that could be better, was that on the first two songs the drums were a bit to heavy compared to the rest of the band, which made the vocals difficult to understand.

First band did a nearly perfect show, so that was a nice warm up and a good sign for the rest of the evening.

The rest of evening was in the hands of Reckless Love and, hell yeah, Santa Cruz’ show was indeed the good sign for this evening, because Reckless Love played a perfect show. When the band around Olli Herman came on stage, the crowd gone crazy. They played songs from their latest, just released, album InVader as well as older songs as Beautiful Bomb, Back To Paradise and slower song Edge Of Our Dreams. What an energy was coming from this band! They played their show very nice and you could see that everybody, the band as well as most of the crowd, were very well enjoying. The show was perfect and, personally, I hope to see Reckless Love play more shows in The Netherlands in the future, because I would love to go to their shows for many more times.

Overall, as said in the beginning of this live review, it was indeed a perfect evening for some glam metal. An perfect evening for some perfect glam metal shows, which succeeded for 100%. This Wednesday evening there were two amazing bands on stage in Doornroosje and they both played a perfect show.

Perfectly done, Santa Cruz and Reckless Love!

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