Review: Lucifericon – Brimstone Altar EP

Lucifericon is a occult death metal band from the Netherlands. In 2012 they released a very cool 5 track EP called The Occult Waters. I have seen this band live in 2015 (and they were amazing), but apart from that I have not heard from the band for some time. Up until now!

Lucifericon is back with a brand new EP called: Brimstone Altar. It is a three song EP and the last song (Witch of the Cosmic Grave) is over 11 minutes! Lucifericon reminds me most of the old Morbid Angel in the Blessed are the Sick era. It is all dark, evil en grimness here. The obscure artwork and production contribute to this atmosphere as well. With (ex)members of Destroyer 666 and Pentacle you can’t go wrong either.

This is a high quality EP and a must have for worshipers of blackened death metal, the old school way….

Tracks: Brimstone Altar/ The Jaws of Time / Witch of the Cosmic Grave

Label: Blood Harvest Records

Release date: 2nd of May 2016

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