Review: Raging Speedhorn/Monster Magnet – split

For this record, the UK based sludge machine Raging Speedhorn has teamed up with US stoner legends Monster Magnet to produce a desertfest exclusive split EP.

The bad news is, it’ll only be limited to 300 pressings, so I’d suggest getting it while it lasts!

Raging Speedhorn – Halfway To Hell

The song kicks in immediately after the bass line, smashing your brain all at once. Vocals remind me of Toxic Holocaust.

Really like how the main guitar is muted and fuzzy while harmonized with a guitar that sounds cleaner and more open (or is it the higher notes that make it sound cleaner?)

The breakdown goes nice and slow, before kicking into overdrive with the vocals a bit more on the background so you can hear the heaviness of the riff. Nice song to steal a car to!

Monster Magnet – Hallucination Bomb

Starts off slow with contrasting heavy bass lines, distorted guitar riffs, drum that seems to walk behind and clean vocals.

Halfway during the intro the vocals get harsher.

The pre-solo sounds like driving alone through a desert in the late morning after a good night sleep in the car that you stole during the previous song.

When the main solo kicks in, your car is driving a nice 100 to the sweet sound of the guitar, with nothing but road ahead of you.

After the solo is a nice breakdown, that reminds you of your car running out of gas.

Overall, I’d recommend this record to all fans of stoner, sludge, and desert rock/metal, and I hope you guys won’t literally go out to steal a car, I was just using metaphors to describe the feel of the music.

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