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Are you a fan of folk- and/or medieval metal? Heard of In Extremo? If not, check them out, it’s a very great and unique band. You already heard of them? Great, you’ll be very happy soon!

Whether you heard of them or not, this is about Quid Pro Quo, the album they just released. Quid Pro Quo is really a must-have for fans, while it’s also a great starter for people who haven’t heard of In Extremo, before now.

Quid Pro Quo starts with Störtebeker, which immediately gets you in the In Extremo-mood. Medieval instruments together with solid metal music driven by the vocals of Das Letzte Einhorn, which are a bit raw, but also very typical for In Extremo.

On second track Roter Stern we hear the first (of two) guest vocalist. The guest vocalist on this track is Blind Guardian vocalist Hansi Kürsch. His power metal-vocals fit perfectly in this song and the combination of his vocals together with those of Das Letzte Einhorn sounds very nice.

The other guest vocalist is to be found in the sixth track called Flaschenteufel. This time it’s Heaven Shall Burn vocalist Marcus Bischoff. His Heaven Shall Burn colleague Alexander Dietz is also to be heard on this track, on guitars. This combination is also perfect, but totally different than the one with Hansi Kürsch. In Flaschenteufel there are some very heavy parts with Marcus Bischoff growling combined with a bit less heavy parts where Das Letzte Einhorn is singing.

Quid Pro Quo ends with Sternhagelvoll, which is also the first single. I think it’s a great track and when you listen to it, you get the feeling that it’s indeed the last song. The feeling that you look back to the whole album as a very nice 43 minutes. The same feeling when a band came back for an encore at an concert and it’s really the last song of the encore. The feeling of looking back at a great time and looking forward to the next time. Both at the same moment. So, there are two options here when Sternhagelvoll is ended: You enjoy the fact that you just listened to a great album and are happy about that or you start the album again for another spin. Of course, you can also do both if you want.

This album has a lot of different songs on it, with a lot of variation, so I think it’s really hard to find listening to this boring. In fact, I think it’s a great album, with perfectly chosen songs that are played very nice.

A few days ago someone said to me (before hearing Quid Pro Quo) that it will be a great album, because In Extremo is a band who can’t make bad albums and get better with every album. I think that it’s exactly that way and Quid Pro Quo is indeed a very great album.

Great job In Extremo!

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