Review: Corona Skies – Fragments Of Reality

Corona Skies from Finland, hard rocking/melodic metal is their style. These six men combine solid guitar riffs, crazy keyboards and a very nice rhythm section. Besides that they add very powerful vocals. This new album is going to be released on Nov. 18th 2016.

The first song is more of an intro, heavenly trumpets and guitar riffs. It sets an epic feeling for this album. Only the transition between the 2 songs doesn’t go well, the first song suddenly stops and couple of seconds later the next one will start. The song The Social Network starts with a solid guitar riff and keyboard. Then it blasts open and the vocals come, it’s definitely very dark. It feels like the vocals are sending you to an underground chamber, sure it is one of my favorite song on this album. The last couple of seconds are very happy, then turns back to the dark riffs/vocals. Business Suits You is a fast song with a lot of guitar riffs at the front. The song is also more melodic than others. The last song Only the Gods Are Lonely is a peaceful song that starts with some nice acoustic guitar riffs, same with the vocals; soft and slow. It’s a good way to end this album more peacefully rather than a melodic metal outro.

It’s a good album, the only remark would be to let the songs flow into each other so you have no hard ends. It’s an interesting album to check out, if you like rock, melodic metal. Give them a try!

Track list:
1. Rite of Passage
2. Big Boys Blues
3. The Social Network
4. Falling Sky
5. Delirium Disco
6. Business Suits You
7. Summer Bum
8. The Sea of My Mediocrity
9. Only the Gods are Lonely

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