Review: Marianas Rest – Horror Vacui

Out of the seemingly nothing, a great debut album saw the light. Horror Vacui, the first full album of Marianas Rest, after they released a mini album in 2014.
First of all: congratulations for combining different styles in one ambient/metal/doom trip! The first sounds of opener The Millenialist reminds me of bands like A Silver Mount Zion and God is an Astronaut. Yet MR is heavier and with more groove in the first two songs.
For The Heartless shows a more contemplative sound, more melodic, slower, but with the same harsh vocals. All in all recognisable doom.
In Hurts Like Hell the melodic, dreamlike parts are flowing into deathstyle metal, making them hit in quite heavy. Looking at the album cover while listening to it, I can feel the choking idea of being on a vast ocean, with nothing around me but water…both peaceful and hauntingly frightening.
Chokehold is a song that is a great advocate for the band. Both spun out build ups, harsh vocals, emotions of loss and anger, a great song to look up to the stars and feel very small indeed…
Closing act Vestigial gives us some more insight in what the band can do in change of melody, slow guitar parts, and basically can be seen as a question mark: Do you want to know what we still have in store in the next years? Follow us! I would be very happy to hear their answer.

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