Review: Norđ – Alpha

The Danish metal quintet Norđ released its first 4-track EP, entitled Alpha, on 3rd of March this year via Inverse Records. Let’s give it a spin!

The first track, Kill The Marshalls, starts off with a melodic intro, then switches towards a more thrashy sound which reminds of early Metallica, combined with clear singing and growls. The second track, Roseship Garden, has a short piano sequence at its beginning, before it becomes heavier and takes more into the death metal direction. Things slow down again about midway through the song, and the sound gets more thrash-like again. Next up is Restless, which starts off with some more oriental tunes and gets back to the particular death/thrash blend mentioned before. Last song of the EP is Omega, which starts off again very slowly, but then has the by far most death metal-like sounding part of the EP. This soon blends back to the aforementioned Metallica-like thrash style.

In conclusion: Alpha is quite a diverse EP, making it hard to pinpoint a particular genre it falls in. Norđ rather developed their own sound, which can be perceived throughout the entire release. It is definitely worth listening to, so give it a go! 8/10.

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