Review: The Vomiting Dinosaurs – Exoplanets

The Vomiting Dinosaurs hail from Richmond, Virginia, with their latest EP entitled Exoplanets, which was released on 6th of January. Exoplanets kicks off with the instrumental, atmospheric Earth, before unleashing its brutal, kickass sound with second track Circumbinary. There’s a lot of power in the song structure, with the tracks being rather short, the riffs very fast and intense and the vocals on the more aggressive side. The production is very raw, enhancing the brutal sound of the record – very awesome, death metal at its finest! While The Vomiting Dinosaurs have found their sound, the tracks themselves are never quite alike, making the whole EP still quite diverse and therefore a joy to listen to. That is also achieved by throwing in an instrumental interlude more or less in the middle of the record (Ganymede), where we can take a breath before brutality kicks in again for the final tracks.

In conclusion: Exoplanets is a great EP that is just the right length and just the right amount of brutality, yet diversity, to satisfy any fan of the death metal genre. I am looking forward to hearing more of these guys in the future – in the meantime, listen to their EP! 10/10

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