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On March 24th, Spanish metallers [In Mute] released their latest effort, called Gea. DutchMetalManiac’s Tim van Velthuysen already wrote a review about it here and, as you can read below, he also interviewed them!

You come from Spain, how is the metal scene there?

Well we can find very good bands in very different styles, in addition to many festivals that are getting bigger and bigger.

For people not knowing [In Mute] yet, who are you and how would you describe your music?

We are a band from Valencia that focuses its sound on melodic death metal, alternating heavy and raw rhythms with other faster and more aggressive.

In March you released your latest album, called Gea, which I think is really nice. What are the responses you get about it and how do you feel about those?

As the album is getting very well, both preorder and online sales and concerts. We are very happy!! And that encourages enough to keep turning so that there is no city without visiting.

What’s the story behind the music and the cover of Gea?

Gea is a cd composed of 9 songs and a cover, which vary in intensity and speed, although they have in common the deathmelodic roots. The first three songs (Disease, Alchemy, As We Are) and the intro We Die Together, are part of a story, in which Gea, symbolizing Mother Earth, becomes aware of her illness.

For the cover we rely on Lukasz Jaszak, a well known illustrator in the extreme metal scene and we love his works. He seem to perfectly visualize what we intended to convey with history and music.

On Gea you also did an cover of Metallica’s Damage Inc. in your own style, why did you choose this song in particular?

Well, it was a proposal from Raúl Abellán, our sound technician. We wanted to do a cover although we didn’t know which one to choose. One day in the van on the way to a concert, while it sounded from the radio, he told us that it could be brutal. We certainly paid attention to it, and it seems to fit the record perfectly.

You welcome David G. Álvarez of Angelus Apatrida as guest-musician on Gea, which he also pre-produced. How was working with him?

It was a pleasure to work with him and to guide us when we were more lost. Besides being a musician we admire a lot, he is a wonderful person and a great friend. We love that he has been part of our new album and having him performing a solo at our song The Eternal Return.

When you compare Gea to your first full-length Aeternum (2009) and your EP One In A Million (2013) what are the things you see?

We would not know where to start … (laughs)

From the complexity and technique in the compositions, the speed and the changes of rhythm … We have been getting more extreme without losing melody.

The incorporation of Steffi to the voices and of Tobal to the guitar completely changed the musical concept the band had at Aeternum, that already was noticed in the following EP, One in a Million, and that was just outlined in Gea.

It’s already a while ago, in 2014 you won the Wacken Open Air Metal Battle and played at Wacken Open Air. How was playing there for you?

It was certainly a dream come true to play at the biggest metal festival in Europe. And over winning the Wacken Open Air Metal Battle was something we could not imagine. One of the best experiences of our life!!

After winning that battle and playing at Wacken Open Air, did much changed? If so, can you tell us about it?

It opened many doors to us to play in national festivals, and also the name of the band began to sound worldwide.

Recently one of your guitarists, P.J., and [In Mute] parted ways, how do you feel about it?

It was one of the hardest moments for the band, it costs a lot after so much time sharing stage and experiences, but the project should go on. So now we can count on Mike, a great guitarist that has adapt to the band surprisingly well and we are really glad to have them with us.

Will there be another guitarist for [In Mute] soon or will you go further as a formation of four?

As everything is going great with Mike, we can say that we have a new member!!! ?

What does a [In Mute] show look like?

It is difficult that we can say it since we are always on the stage … (laughs)

People say that there is a lot of energy and Steffi really catch the crowd. We are quite transparent playing, you can see us just doing the brute as smiling! We really do what we want up at stage and we enjoy it. I think that arrives to the crowd.

Speaking of shows, you already announced an Spanish tour, looking forward to it?

Yes! We have a lot of cities still to visit! And do many festivals around Spain.

Is there a chance you will announce some more shows soon? Maybe in The Netherlands?

Sure. We have to announce a lot more dates. We will have news soon about a European tour.

Thanks for your answers, is there anything you want to say to the readers of DutchMetalManiac?

Many thanks to the DutchMetalManiac family for all the support and time spent!!! We hope to visit you soon!!

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