Interview: Psychedelic Witchcraft

Recently, Psychedelic Witchcraft released their new full-length album, called Sound Of The Wind. DutchMetalManiac’s Tim van Velthuysen spoke with them about the new album, freedom among other things.

Hey, congratulations on your new album, Sound Of The Wind. It’s really nice.

Hi! Many thanks šŸ™‚

How are the reactions on it so far?

It seems Sound Of The Wind is being appreciated by the critic and the public. We’re having a pretty much positive feedback, people loved our live shows up to now too.

When you compare Sound Of The Wind with its predecessor Magick Rites And Spells, what is it you notice?

Magick Rites and Spells was more of a collection that closed the chapter of our old sound. Thanks to Listenable Records we’ve been able to record this new album in a proper way (We had some difficulties with the older works).
We feel that Sound Of The Wind is literally a new chapter, a new different and more powerful sound.

In April 2016 you released your debut and Sound Of The Wind is already your third full-length in one and a half year. I guess you have a lot of inspiration? Where do you get inspiration from?

Inspiration comes mainly from daily life, from our experiences. Lyrics are mostly about inner emotions and feelings, lived experiences and about the power of will, the will to be free. Themes also revolve around occultism and ’70s horror cinema (which I’ve been passionate about since I was I child, thanks to/because of my parents). Inspiration is for us to communicate with sounds what we feel and what we live.

Sound Of The Wind is your first album by Listenable Records. What makes Listenable Records the perfect choice at this moment?

We think we found each other in a good moment. After the first 2 releases the band definitely needed a step up to make things more seriously, as we all wanted. Listenable Records are people who truly believed in us and that’s so valuable, it’s the most important thing we could have had from them.

It seems freedom is a recurring theme in your tracks. What exactly is freedom for you? And what is your message about it?

Freedom is being allowed to be yourself, to be who you really are without anyone judging you, without anyone controlling you or making you feel bad about yourself. Freedom is the power of loving who you really love, freedom means being yourself without hurting others, freedom is also peace. The message is that people should generally judge less and live their own lives more, love their beloved ones and not put any brake to their consciousness. People shouldn’t be judged and controlled by others.

Egypt seems to be important for you, why is that?

I’ve been passionate about Egypt since I was a child as well. It’s always been my favorite historical period. The Egyptian culture was based on the cult of the dead. The way they perceived life, as a karma-lesson we learn on earth. The moment we die is not the end. If we pass the test of the feather of Maat we’re eventually going to another phase of life for our soul. I really love these things because I believe in them, I believe soul is eternal, I believe in reincarnation and I believe in Karmic justice.

You recently played at Damnation Fest in the UK, which was your first UK show. How was playing there and how did the audience respond to your show?

Playing Damnation has been amazing! A special thanks to everybody who helped us get in there. The audience responded really good to our show, which we didn’t know what to expect being a pretty much extreme metal-oriented festival. Though it went super good and we’ve been more than happy to play the UK, we wish we can come back really soon. We’re scheduled to play HRH Doom vs Stoner in September 2018, Sheffield, O2 Academy.

You just finished a Spanish tour and have already confirmed some festivals for 2018. Can we expect more Psychedelic Witchcraft shows soon? Maybe in The Netherlands?

Yes, we just came back from the Spanish tour and we hope the list of festival participations is going to grow! We have the ‘Children Of The Sun’ Fest in Copenhagen, may 25th ā€“ 26th, so we may meet there! šŸ™‚

Any other future plans you can already tell us a bit about?

Nothing official yet, we’re always working on new tunes and working to get our ass around!

Thanks for your answers! Is there anything you would like to say to our readers?

We want to thank all those who we’re working with right now. We also want to thank those who really supported us and loved us since the beginning. It’s thanks to them if we’re here speaking right now, a huge hug goes to them!

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