Live review: For All We Know and Mother Of Millions in 013, Tilburg, The Netherlands, March 16th, 2018

Ruud Jolie is a name that doesn’t need an introduction. Of course he is the guitarist of Within Temptation. Besides Within Temptation he is one of the powers behind Maiden United, of which we interviewed the other power here. However, recently we also interviewed Ruud Jolie himself, which you can read here. That interview is about his own band: For All We Know. Recently For All We Know announced three concerts, as you can read in the interview. DutchMetalManiac’s Tim van Velthuysen went to and reviewed one of those concerts, at the Jupiler stage in 013, Tilburg, The Netherlands on friday March 16th.

Once arrived in the venue I had to wait for half an hour before the support act started. Unfortunately it’s pretty quiet in the venue, hopefully this will get better during the evening. However, the atmosphere is nice.

Around 8 o’clock it is time for the support act to kick off the evening. The support act is the Greek band Mother Of Millions. They immediately start with something that you won’t see that often: a guitar being played with a bow. Another thing standing out is the drums sometimes being played with the hands of the drummer instead of drumsticks. The drummer is especially standing out during this gig, especially because of his clearly visible intense enthusiasm. These Greek guys play progressive rock with some heavier parts and some, a bit longer, instrumental parts. This gig of Mother Of Millions has a very great balance between atmospheric parts and heavier parts. Vocal-wise, the vocalist alternates between clean singing and a bit more screamy parts. Sometimes he even lets us hear that he can also sing pretty high notes, for example during the closing track of this gig, Spirals.

After 40 minutes of Mother Of Millions and a bit of time for changing the stage, it finally is time for For All We Know. Luckily there is somewhat bigger audience inside when For All We Know releases there first notes upon the audience. It immediately passes onto the audience and a lot of energy is getting unleashed. Musically For All We Know can be called pretty unique. Progressive, melodic but also with some heavier parts included. Something that is very unique, is the vocalist. Wudstik, or his real name Jermain van der Bogt, is originally coming from the hiphop scene. However, don’t be scared by this, because this guy clearly has a phenomenal rock-voice with a huge reach. Whether he sings very high notes and clearly vulnerable or a bit lower notes in a bit rawer style, it all sounds perfect. Something that is good to see is that he really wants to do it in a great way, which he also clearly shows. For example, at one moment he has a lump in his throat during a very vulnerable and quietly-singing part. He stops, says that he has to drink some water and starts over. As he said himself you must have balls to do this during a live show. On the other hand this of course shows that he wants to give the audience all he can. He handles this in a great way, which is also worth a lot in my opinion. Of course this is part of being a good front man, which Wudstik definitely is. At some moment Ruud also has to say something in between the tracks. He is clearly visible happy with the audience and he also says this a couple of times during the evening. Another thing that is really nice to see is that everyone in the band clearly has a lot of fun during the gig and is very enthusiastic. A highlight of this fun is for sure when Ruud plays a solo on his guitar and Wudstik perfectly imitates this with his voice.

All in all, this was a very nice night with two bands that are really worth checking out.

Photos by Tim van Velthuysen

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