Exclusive track premiere: Nameless Void – Where Stars Forever Die

On the 31st of May the mysterious black metallers of Nameless Void will release their self-titled debut EP. It will be released on a very limited edition cassette, 25 copies of those via Grey Matter Productions in the US and another 25 copies of it via Xenoglossy Productions in the EU.

Nameless Void contains three tracks with a total length of a bit more than half an hour. Opener Where Stars Forever Die and closing track The Flash both contain some dark ambient atmospheres, harsh guitar riffs combined with blast beats and dark droning sounds and very intense screams. In between those two tracks is Black Wormhole, a bit shorter instrumental track that is more of a droning dark ambient track than a black metal track. This is some very intense, very dark and indeed very mysterious music.

However, you don’t have to wait anymore to hear something of Nameless Void, because today DutchMetalManiac is proud to give you the exclusive track premiere of Nameless Void‘s opening track Where Stars Forever Die.

This is what Nameless Void’s vocalist RM says about Where Stars Forever Die: “Where Stars Forever Die was the first track we recorded with Nameless Void. The rough sound, acidic and abrasive, was the perfect musical match for the lyrical approach to drug addiction. We talk of a bad trip, of a heavy one, one of those experiences that make you think about life from a different perspective.”

If you like what you hear and want to buy Nameless Void, you can do so here (US) or here (EU).

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