Review: Dying Embers – Where Shadeless Dwell Frozen

Dying Embers is a melodic death metal project by Austrian Jürgen Schurz of Unhallowed. With two guest musicians on drums and bass, he realized Where Shadeless Dwell Frozen, which was released on 1st of March 2019.

Remember when just two sentences back, I stated that Dying Embers is playing melodic death metal? Well, it’s advertised as that, but then imagine my surprise to find that much rather, it’s power metal mixed with some death-y influences. The metal part is even debatable, as a majority of the songs drift off into rock. Another point of critique are the bass tracks, which could have been left out from the start as they are nowhere to be found on the record. So what’s there to like? The second track, Beyond The Crimson Haze, reminds a bit of Feel The Sky by Omnium Gatherum, but way softer. Otherwise, Mr. Schurz delivers good guitar work and puts quite some personality into his singing. The latter however sometimes becomes quite nasal, as e.g. in Praise The Signs. The band should certainly think about altering their categorization, as Where Shadeless Dwell Frozen is very far away from melodic death metal. This record might be something for power metal enthusiasts, but unfortunately was not for me. 4/10.

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