Review: Kinestence – Transmutation

Polish industrial metal band Kinestence released its EP, Transmutation, recently – and we of course gave the three tracks a spin!

First up is Dark Cube Snake God – it has a Rammstein-esque backdrop, while the vocals tend to be more towards black metal. Overall a very somber song, which is perfectly heralded by a haunting instrumental intro. The second track is Digital Hypnosis. The dark atmosphere continues here, cooking up another glorious mix between industrial and black metal. Last up is the title track, Transmutation. This song features some blackish doom influences in its middle, before closing off with a bang.

In conclusion: the guys from Kinestence have created three very nice songs with a good blend between the two aforementioned styles, and all that while not overwhelming the listener. In my opinion, the band is on a good way and I’m looking forward to hearing more of them in the future! 9.5/10.

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