Live review: Oceans of Slumber and The Devil’s Trade at Little Devil, Tilburg, The Netherlands, August 16th, 2019

Last weekend Tilburg’s Little Devil hosted two nice shows. On Saturday Hate, Beheaded and Storm Upon The Masses were performing, but first it was time for Oceans of Slumber and The Devil’s Trade to enter the stage of Little Devil on Friday.

Around half past nine, half an hour later than planned support act The Devil’s Trade starts. When you listen to The Devil’s Trade’s studio material you would probably ask yourself whether they fit in a metal show or not, but it sure is nice to listen to. Of course, Oceans of Slumber isn’t exactly only a heavily pounding wall of sound either, but still. However, The Devil’s Trade is on stage as tonight’s support act. When this one-man-band performs live, you know that it definitely fits quite well, maybe not with every metal show, but tonight it sure does. As I already said The Devil’s Trade is a one-man-band by vocalist/guitarist Dávid Makó. With his low voice and the echoing effect of his vocals as well as his guitar he delivers an hypnotizing show from its first moment until its last moment. This results in a very quiet audience during this show, something that happens very soon after he started. Of course, the loud applauding being an exception to this. Instrumentally Dávid changes between two different guitars and a banjo. At some moment he also uses that banjo to create a very special and nice effect for his vocals by holding the banjo between his mouth and the microphone. Dávid’s vocals are mostly clean vocals, but due to his special, low voice, those vocals have a very nice raw edge to it. At some point he also screams very intensely. In the 35 minute show of The Devil’s Trade the audience also gets to hear a new song.

Due to the fact that The Devil’s Trade started, and ended, later than planned, it seems that Oceans of Slumber is also starting later than planned. However, this isn’t the case, it can almost be called a miracle how fast the six members of Oceans of Slumber are ready to start their show. Yes, it indeed became a lot busier on stage. Earlier this evening there was only one person on the stage, now there are six on the quite small stage of Little Devil. This isn’t withholding Oceans of Slumber from performing a very nice show though, because that’s exactly what they do. Cammie Gilbert’s beautiful vocals are really giving goosebumps and when these are combined with guitarist Jessie Santos’ intense screams or deep grunts, this gets an even more intense effect. During the beginning of the show Cammie’s vocals seem to be on a bit low volume during the instrumentally heavier parts, fortunately this isn’t the case anymore later on in the show. Besides the vocals the very nice sound of the guitars from Jessie Santos and Alexander Lucian are standing out, with Alexander Lucian also delivering quite some nice solo’s. At some moments there is a bit of a crispy sound coming from the speakers, but besides that Oceans of Slumber creates a fantastic, hypnotizing and atmospheric atmosphere with this show. The audience is applauding very loudly, but isn’t really getting crazy in any other ways, something that this show certainly deserved.

A very nice evening with two very nice shows!

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