Review: +MROME+ – Leech Ghetto

This record rocks very well! The bands’ second record in a very long time, but well worth the wait.  

While The Rogue and Born Old are good, meh-meh kind of good, Anti-Ant Entante, also sporting an ultra-cool name, powers on with some great riffs and choruses! Harsh gravocals but the vox is clear and production quality surprisingly good.

The City of Opax, an excellent intro and pacing, this works great when I’m playing Diablo, (yea I still play it, it’s still awesome).

Coffin Nail… how can a song title like that NOT be cool! It sounds like nails being pounded into wood – great poetry! Humping riffs! Love this!

Detroit Daze – interesting and fits well with the rest of the record – Some power all the way through!

Love the intro bass to Twarz niezawisBa and the off beat of the entire tune. I haven’t looked but what does this mean? Anyone? Some innovative modern stuff. It has a Rammstein vibe to it all the way, and this is a great thing.

Bellies Grow and Primordial Soup are good enders to the record, although truthfully, that’s about enough for me at this stage.

Overall great music!

8/10! Yea!

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