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Last year the Italian thrash/death metallers of Extinction released their second full-length, titled The Apocalypse Mark, which we reviewed here. Now we also interviewed their guitarist, Danilo Bonuso.

Hey, congratulations on your new album, The Apocalypse Mark. It’s really nice.

Thanks so much! I’m glad you liked it.

For the release of The Apocalypse Mark you signed with Revalve Records. What makes them the best record label for Extinction at this moment?

We received several proposals from Italian and European labels, and we chose Revalve Records as it was the one that offered the most as regards promotion and distribution in the world. You can find our physical CD in Europe, Asia and America, as well as digitally on the web.

The Apocalypse Mark is the first Extinction album with vocalist Filippo “Howling SStar” Collaro. Did that change something to the creation process?

Filippo joined Extinction to replace Alice Darkpeace when the tracks were already all composed.

He proved to be a very professional person, in that in a very short time he learned everything; but fundamental was his interpretation for each track, obtaining an unexpected result!

The right person at the right time.

After the recordings of The Apocalypse Mark Extinction and bass player Marco Vicenza parted ways. What was the reason for this split?

With Filippo’s entry, the band’s future plans have changed, so Marco disagreed and preferred to leave the band.

He is replaced by Lorenzo Catolla. What made him the perfect person to be Extinction’s new bass player?

Filippo also sings in another band, namely Silenti Luna, where Lorenzo plays the guitar. Being also a bass player, he didn’t hesitate to Filippo’s proposal to be part of Extinction!

We were really lucky, because he is an excellent bass player, as well as the right person for the future of the band!

While reading the lyrics of the album it seems to me that “people being manipulated by other people or technologies” is one of the main subjects. Do you think there’s a way to avoid being manipulated in these ways? If so, what would be your advice?

By now we are increasingly manipulated and controlled by technology, this is a fact! As well as indoctrinated and distracted by the medias (lyrics of Hidden Dictature).

The lyrics of the titletrack of our new album The Apocalypse Mark tells of the subcutaneous microchip inserted in the right hand, with which it is possible to carry out any action, such as making payments, opening doors etc. It is already a reality in Sweden. At the same time, however, it is a way to control all our actions, our health and private life.

But we are already controlled through home devices such as Alexa, smartphones and social networks.

My point of view is to talk about it as much as possible, get informed about the devices in use, and make it clear that greater comfort often involves a waiver of privacy in favor of multinational companies and strong powers.

This year it’s 25 years ago that Extinction was formed for the first time. Are you going to do something with that fact in 2020 and if so, can you already tell something about what’s going to happen?

After having done various concerts in Italy and Germany towards the end of last year, we are currently a little in stand by about the live shows, but surely for the next summer we will participate in some festivals and maybe we will play again in Germany. We will also be thinking about how to make the new video clip shortly.

Since you already were a band 25 years ago and much has changed compared to nowadays, what would be your best advice for new bands?

In 25 years many things have changed…and everything is still evolving.

Years ago the bands recorded demo tapes, promoted live shows with flyers and it was a joy when reviews were published in specialized magazines. Also, getting a record deal was really difficult, but the CDs were selling.

Now instead the metal magazines are disappearing and the CDs are selling much less; to hope to play in some clubs you have to pay booking agencys; the promotion takes place entirely on social networks and the music is within everyone’s reach on the net.

The advice I can give is to present the band in a professional way on the web starting from a right image, and to search on the web where to play and promote your own music.

As far as I could find you have no future shows announced, right? Can we expect some Extinction shows in the near future? Maybe coming to The Netherlands?

As said before, there are no live shows currently scheduled, but hopefully we can organize some of them soon. We would be happy to play in the Netherlands! Hoping that there is some club interest in our music.

Thanks for your answers. Is there anything you want to say to our readers?

We thank you first for this interview. We invite the readers to buy our new album The Apocalypse Mark, also available on our Bandcamp as CD and digital download, as well as to follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

There will be some news shortly. Thank you all.

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