Interview: Vesperian Sorrow

Recently Vesperian Sorrow reissued their two latest albums, Stormwinds of Ages and Regenesis Creation, via Black Lion Records. DutchMetalManiac’s Tim van Velthuysen interviewed Vesperian Sorrow’s Jake Wayman about it.

Hey, how are you doing?

Doing great thanks!

In October you signed to Black Lion Records. What makes them the best record label for Vesperian Sorrow at this moment?

We like that they are on the come up and have us as a priority. We’re very positive about the signing.

You recently reissued two of your albums, Stormwinds of Ages and Regenesis Creation, on Black Lion Records. However, a few years ago you announced that the Regenesis Creation reissue would already be released via Transcending Records. What happened to that?

That label was having some issues that eventually caused it to stop production for some time. I think they are back up and running now but for a while things were looking rather grim, so we made the decision to go our own way.

Besides the fact that these two albums are your latest albums, is there also another reason why you wanted to reissue especially these two albums?

Regenesis Creation was an underground release in 2006. It didn’t gain a lot of coverage, so we wanted to record and release it again just to give it a second chance. The reissue of Stormwinds of Ages was Black Lion Records’ idea.

The third track of the Regenesis Creation reissue is Gates To Serpithia, which was a bonus-track on the album’s re-release. What made you choose to put it in as third track instead of just after the last track?

We believed that the re-recording of the song came out very strong. We wanted to switch thing’s up a bit with the reissue. So we figure why not showcase the song a bit more this time around.

On that re-release you also had another bonus-track, a cover of Gerard McMahon’s Cry Lil’ Sister. What’s the reason you didn’t include that on this reissue?

We decided to go with original material this time around. We’re open to doing more covers in the future though. We talk about it all the time.

The Regenesis Creation reissue also got a new album cover, while the Stormwinds of Ages reissue didn’t. Can you explain that?

Black Lion Records decided to reissue Stormwinds of Ages on their own behalf. The album was not re-recorded, mixed or anything. It’s basically just another run of the album. But with Regenesis Creation the entire thing was redone, including the artwork.

Regenesis Creation‘s new cover is made by Caelan Stokkermans Arts, what made him the best person for doing this?

We love his artwork. We think he’s an amazing artist and we plan on working with him on future projects.

You are also working on a new album, can you already tell a little bit about what we can expect of it?

The new album will feature me, Jake Wayman, as new vocalist and our new guitarist John Catts. The album is a mix of symphonic black metal and melodic death metal. We are looking to make it one of our most epic releases yet!

When can we expect to hear a first bit of music from the new album?

We hope to release a couple of new songs near the end of the year.

At this moment you’ve one upcoming show announced. Can we expect more Vesperian Sorrow shows in the near future? Maybe coming to The Netherlands?

We’ve recently signed a deal with a larger management company in the extreme metal scene. So shows abroad (The Netherlands) are very likely to happen at some point.

Thanks for your answers! Is there anything you want to say to our readers?

Thanks for your support! Pick up Regenesis Creation and keep an eye out for our next record! Thanks!

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