Review: Persekutor – Permanent Winter

Persekutor are a black metal band originally from Romania, meanwhile relocated to the U.S., that have been around for many years and survived a few lineup changes. There was an initial LP called Angels of Meth that they released in 2006 via a label that they are – to put it politely – now at odds with (according to an interview in 2014, Persekutor had a witch put a curse on that label – and the witch had a beard, so you know she is legit). After that there were a few EPs, but it took until 2020 to finally get another LP see the light of frostbitten day – Permanent Winter.

This latest offering is a collection of 9 songs of grim, frozen, cvlt-infused black’n’roll. With a total running time of 28 minutes and the description above, you might expect full-on galloping riffs accompanied by high speed blast-beats, but instead you get mid tempo grooves somewhere between a trot and canter. The two singles they released up front (Can You Feel The Frost Of Dawn and the title track Permanent Winter) are the fastest songs on the record but a good representation of what to expect.

The sound of the record perfectly fits the theme and songwriting. The production is clear and heavy enough, yet so very oldschool that it puts a smile on my face. The guitars are dry and not overly distorted, the bass is clearly audible and the drums are punchy and groovy. Band leader Vlad the Inhaler snarls stories about booze, winter, fighting and all other things cvlt and black metal. There is not much to overthink here, the songs are simple and straightforward – like a punch in the face. Some of the parts are actually so simple, that a lesser band, lacking the confidence of tundra-hardened winter warriors, might rewrite them into something more complex. Not Persekutor though, they take what they have and spit it into your face.

To make it short: Persekutor are loads of fun! Not in a parody-band kind of way, but in a Darkthrone kind of way. I heard that Fenriz is a fan of Persekutor, and I can understand why. They blend black metal with rock’n’roll and lots of attitude, utilize simple yet addictive riffs, lots of groove and are exactly the kind of band I would put on when starting a roadtrip with a bunch of friends on our way to do something stupid. And don’t we all need more moments (and bands) like that in our lives?

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