Interview: Razor Sharp Death Blizzard

In July Razor Sharp Death Blizzard released their The World Is Fucked album, which DutchMetalManiac’s René Müller reviewed here. Now, he also interviewed Razor Sharp Death Blizzard’s vocalist Jamie Clark.

Hey guys. Thanks for taking the time for the interview. How are you holding up amidst the ongoing pandemic?

Living the dream, enjoying early retirement.

I understand that Razor Sharp Death Blizzard came out of the remains of Ridgeback and Swellbellys. Can you tell us a bit about how you guys got to know each other and formed this band?

Back in the glory days Daz and I (Jamie) when we both had hair, we used to knock about in the same circle of friends. Years later Daz stood in on bass for Ridgebacks final tour, then the beginnings of RSDB began soon after. A couple of years passed, then Liam joined who we knew through his dad. Then Ross came along a couple of years later and we’ve became a good solid band and friends.

In my review I described your style as “Hardcore in the style of Terror, but a bit uglier on purpose, a bit more noisy, but just as angry and filled with punk attitude”. How would you describe your sound?

To be honest I think you have pretty much hit the nail on the head with your description. Loud, heavy and bleak.

Are there any bands you would name as influences?

Liam- Probably Kvelertak, Daz- I love a bit of Sepultura, Biohazard, AC/DC and Iron Maiden, Jamie- Converge, Amenra, Kowloon Walled City, Bongripper, Ross- Mastiff, Exploited, Casualties.

Congratulations on The World Is Fucked, I really enjoyed its aggressive energy. How was the writing and recording process for you?

The writing was a long torturous process but once we got rid of some dead wood and brought Ross in on bass it went pretty smoothly. The recording process was a pleasure. Working with Chris Fielding again at Foel Studio was fantastic.

RSDB sounds like a band that absolutely kills at live shows. I assume you had quite some plans for playing The World Is Fucked live before the pandemic hit. How are you coping with the situation now, and are there any updated plans already?

We’re coping fine to be honest but all the shows we had booked and plans for heading to Europe have gone to shit. Just waiting on a sign that we can start planning again. Ireland will be first as we had an awesome tour booked for there.

Is there any chance we get to see you tour mainland Europe, maybe in 2021?

We will be doing everything we can to get over to Europe in 2021. Brexit is going to fuck things up but we’ll find a way.

What’s next for RSDB? What are your future goals?

We just want to get out on the road again all over Europe and meet new and old friends.

Thanks for the interview. I wish you lots of success with The World Is Fucked! Is there something you would like to say to our readers?

The world may be fucked but there is hope. Stand up to fascism. Look after one another.
Jamie RSDB

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