Review: Demolizer – Thrashmageddon

Today we take a look at a record that’s already out before this review goes up. Demolizer are a four piece thrash band from Denmark that formed in 2014 , released an EP titled Ghoul in 2018 and now have their debut full length Thrashmageddon ready for us. With only 35 minutes, this one is on the short side, but features 9 songs of fast paced thrash metal aimed at fans of Slayer or Exodus.

The quality showcased here is quite the positive surprise. Considering that the boys in Demolizer look like they could be the kids of many active thrash metal giants, and this is their debut record, the maturity in both instrumental skills and songwriting craftsmanship is impressive. The riffs are mostly fast paced for the first five songs, culminating in the frantic 49 second track Gore, after which they throw a curve ball with the slow, heavy and epic track Until The Day I Die. Until this track I thought Demolizer might be a one-trick pony and only shred as fast as they can, but there is lots of musicality, restraint and weight in this track. Track 7 Lost in Torment then adds to the diversity and spends the first minute with a ominous, theatric buildup before it’s back to the good old thrashing.

Vocalist and one of two guitar players Ben “Polle” Radtleff utilizes shouts and screams as his vocal weapon of choice, and does a good job at it. There are wellplaced group shouts throughout the record as well. The guitar work is great, and the solos (whether by Polle or second axe-wielder Aria Mobbarez, I do not know) are franctic, fast and wild. Bjørn “Krölle” Hjortgaard on bass and Max Petrén Bach Hansen on drums lay a solid, grooving foundation. The whole record sounds amazing as well. It’s a modern, polished version of an oldschool sound, if that makes sense. It does not sound overproduced or synthetic, but has plenty of grunt, while still sounding modern and professional.

Overall this record is very easy to like for any thrash metal fan. There’s plenty of energy and skill at display here, but most importantly they have lots of attitude – which is a crucial ingredient to any angry thrash metal in my point of view. Such a fresh, high quality offering from a band that young gives me hope that thrash metal will neither die out with the current greats still touring, nor will it devolve into rehashing and re-copying of the good old times. Well done, gentlemen! To all thrash metal fans out there, go check this out.

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