Review: Killing A Lion – Bombs of Affection

One thing can easily be said about the debut of these German experimental metallers: They do know how to make you curious. Both bandname and the album title gave me numerous associations. ‘Killing A Lion’ made me think about a deed of power and a deed of shame. Images of Africa and white men kneeling proudly next to their freshly shot ‘king of the animals’. This combined with the title Bombs of Affection,  another strong line, made me more than curious.

Some first impressions: The album sleeve is well looked after, especially for a debut of an unknown band. The musical production is strong and the band puts itself in the front row. The band describes itself as modern, alternative and experimental metal band. This calls for a critical review!

If you like straight forward metal, melodical banging on the bass and drums, accessible vocals and still keep your non-metal friends next to you, then Killing A Lion is the band for you! 40 minutes of heavy rock and roll, played with love and devotion will be your reward. Experimental? Eh… maybe not. Alternative? A bit. Nice? Certainly. The strong reggae influences make the songs nice to hear, and bring up associations with some Faith No More songs mixed with Madder Mortem.

Without a doubt I would recommend this album. Songs like Man Drowning Slow, Day Requires A Night and Synapsis are making clear that the band can mix different styles into nice songs. Not the huge experiments that I was hoping for, because this has been done before. But still, better a good variation on a known theme, than a bad original, right? The band has nothing to be ashamed of and rightfully put itself down with certainty. If they go on like this, they would absolutely rock a festival stage.

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