Review: Æolian – The Negationist

Æolian hail from Mallorca, where they produce melodic death metal under the glistening sun. Their second offering, entitled The Negationist, will be released on November 20th via Black Lion Records. Let’s see what you could expect then:

We start with Momentum, a fast track marked by screams, very strong drums and a great guitar solo in the middle. The main message of the album is conveyed in the next track, We Humans: “a thousand years of destruction”.
The album deals with the damage humankind does to planet earth, thematized in a total of eleven songs. While Animals Burned is as fast as the two first songs, Unseen Enemy starts off slow and melodic with acoustic guitars. Same holds true for Golden Cage, which opens up a new era of the album, as it incorporates more diversity in styles and tempi than the first few songs.
Overall, the second half of the album pleases me more due to these reasons. Reborn is a great closing track to this album which starts off with a nice piano intro, moves over into a very cool melodic death metal song and then fades out with a beautiful acoustic guitar part.

In conclusion: The Negationist is a nice record which satisfies any melodeath enthusiast. The production could still be improved, as e.g. the drums sometimes come off as clattering in the first half of the record. The second half of the album is great though, and the guys intrigued me enough for that I am curious to see what they come up with next. 9/10.

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