Review: My Dying Bride – Macabre Cabaret

In the spring My Dying Bride released their album The Ghost of Orion, after a relatively long hiatus. This autumn, they will again give us some shivers with their EP Macabre Cabaret.

Consisting of three songs and lasting a good twenty minutes, it is a good appetizer for the cold dark winter. Starting with the ten minute long title track, the band shows us a display of what they are known for. Some good old church pipes, followed by Aarons clean vocals, and further on tormented screams and growls, mark the first part of the song. After three minutes the band takes time with atmospheric guitar and piano work, that after two minutes is again followed by the second heavier part. Basically the song is build up as a basic ‘intro-verse-chorus-verse-chorus-outro’-song, but then stretched to give every part the stage it deserves. Basically just good atmospheric doom as to be expected of the band.
Looking at this given idea, second song A Secret Kiss – released as a single in September, is a bit boring. The same stretched idea repeats, with a fairly accessible song, only there is less variety to be heard. In itself the song is nice, but would it last only four instead of six minutes, nothing seems to be lost (probably the band would strongly disagree here…!)
Then third and last song, A Purse of Gold and Stars is, as the title rightfully suggests, the gem of the album. At least, for those who loved the Envita album, of which a re-release is planned in December.
Dark, classic, slow, with an atmospheric combination of piano and drums. This five minute gem could easily last a life time, unless you desperately crave for something heavy.

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