Review: Pikes Edge – Hope

Firstly, a hope that all, and all reading this and their families and significant others, are well as the world has changed since we were last here.

It is with honour and graciousness that the inimitable Pikes Edge has given DutchMetalManiac’s Alessandro an exclusive listen to their new record, aptly named, especially in these times, Hope. This is their first opus since 2016’s All Of Our Beauty! Here you can read our review of All Of Our Beauty, while you can read our interview with Pikes Edge’s Pike here. Thanks lads!

The tracklisting is

  1. Hope
  2. The Sound and the Fury
  3. Broken Inside
  4. The End of Madness
  5. The Day After
  6. Near You
  7. The Last Letter
  8. My Favorite Poison
  9. The Betrayer
  10. Drifter

A song titled My Favorite Poison caught my eye and needed to be listened to first and in doing so, it became… my favourite. What a power ballad! Sad, sorrowful, powerful and an instant hit! This needs major airplay! What a sad thing not being able to see this live at this point.

The intense pounding of the title track sets the tone for this record and the very fabric of society now. As always Pikes Edge is in the relevant forefront of the important concepts in life. The Sound and the Fury continues the power chords, a great mix of speed and awesomely sung lyrics. As a sexy bonus, the vox in the first chorus features Jake E. of (formerly) Amaranthe and currently with Chyra. Absolutely a heart wrenching and amazing beautiful collaboration; there’s a need to be a duet in the future!

The Day After is another sad one, more intense, possibly from something personal? Hopefully we can talk about it in a future interview!

The chorus of Drifter is one of the best I’ve heard in years, gets me in the feels definitely. The musicianship through this record is stupendous. They have reached deeper more insightful heights but have managed to keep the raw, hammering power of the metal realms.

Thanks again Pikes Edge for the music.  A tip of “The Hat” to you!


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